New World: A player shows off the interior of his fantastic house decorated with Winter Convergence items from AnneBullock's blog

A New World player showed off a collection of Winter Convergence furniture in his newly renovated house, and he also shared some tips for getting the items.

While New World has had its fair share of issues since its New World Coins release, the December patch and Winter Convergence event allowed many New World players to enjoy all the new things Aeternum has to offer online.

There are still some issues with the game, such as Amazon's recent attempt to increase the score cap for gear, but without actually introducing new core activities or loot to motivate players. Players at New World have come up with some valid solutions, and Amazon seems willing to listen to what they have to say about the future of gaming.

Winter Fusion in New World, like many holiday-themed events in other MMOs, puts a fair amount of pressure on players looking to unlock the best items. At this point, these items are more likely to be attribute food than actual equipment. One Reddit user shared a clip showing the interior of his newly renovated home, which is filled with exclusive Winter Convergence furniture. The house is filled with icy furniture and there are five cute bunnies sitting around the table which is really nice.

The walls are also white, the player uses the dining table and lays them sideways to cover the wall, for players who want to replicate this style, they need to farm a lot of tokens to buy all the decorations.

Since New World is a feature-rich MMO, it can sometimes be difficult for a novice to figure out what to do in the game first. Even more so during limited-time events like this one, where the player shared his method of earning a ton of tokens by grabbing floating gifts on routes other than Monarch's Bluffs. The only requirement to do this is to have a ranged weapon to hit these gifts, which also means other players can Buy New World Coins get more Winter Convergence furniture with some effort.

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