New World: The trading feature between players has again been temporarily disabled due to gold cheating issues from AnneBullock's blog

New World has again disabled player-to-player transactions due to a suspected gold spoofing bug. Amazon's gaming team took this precaution to facilitate investigation of issues and fixes as needed. Because, player server transfers just turned back on, so the team had to release a fix for the wrongly released mission.

While we don't yet know what's causing the new gold spoofing issue, this temporary ban on trading doesn't Buy New World Coins seem to be new to the New World community. Amazon is indeed trying to apply the fix as quickly as possible, but in some cases players still have to wait for the feature to be re-enabled. Be aware that server transfers for players were disabled last week and only enabled yesterday.

The issue occurred after yesterday's downtime and patch, but may not be related to it. The game team performed the 1.2.2 update in response to a widely reported out-of-sync issue, and they removed a bunch of quests that were incomplete and incorrectly enabled in the December build. Because these missions are incomplete, they lack rewards and other things. Amazon allows any player who visits and completes these quests to keep the XP and gold benefits, but all progress will be reset when it goes live so that everyone can complete these quests for the correct rewards.

This is a pain in the ass for those affected by the player trade closing feature during game time. However, usually the time to fix the problem gets better. However, Amazon has not released an estimate of when they expect the problem to be under control, nor has it taken action to correct the negative impact.

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