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Since the release of New World, its popularity has declined, mainly because of many problems in the game. The developers recently introduced the 1.2.1 update to prevent people from taking advantage of Coin Lockboxes. Its solution is to limit the creation of characters and increase the level required to obtain them.

For those who don’t know, many New World Coins Buy players have been creating many characters to get coin lockboxes. You can get them from the Tree of Light in the Winter Festival event, until January 11th. The monthly gold coins, ingots and some crafting materials in these boxes can help players in the early game stage.

In the beginning, people can obtain these lockboxes by looting gifts under the tree of light that looks like a huge Christmas tree. Everyone can get up to three gifts per day, and you can choose to create a new character to do this.

Therefore, it is obvious that players can easily obtain a large amount of gold coins through this method. Therefore, the developer released a new patch to control the development of the situation.

However, it is worth noting that players can still create new characters every day, although the number of accounts per account has been reduced. In addition, players must now be at least level 14 to obtain these lockboxes. So, if you plan to use this method, it is a waste of time and not worth it.

Another obvious change in this patch is to reduce the faction cooldown from 120 days to 60 days.

In addition, the restricted coin lock box obtained by players of level 14 and above from the Tree of Light is consistent with the time mission for the player. This change is to prevent bad actors from repeatedly creating characters to get more coins.

It also reduces the number of characters that can be created per account per day, and fixes the issue that caused Azoth's balance to not update after fast travel and New World Coins production.

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