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In Diablo 2 Resurrected, players can allocate points to upgrade various skills and stats. However, it is rare for a player to regret how to use up his points.Thankfully, you can reset them.

In order to reach Akara, players need to complete the first mission of the first act. Talk to Akara and you will find an Diablo 2 Resurrected Items for Sale option to reset your stats and skills. After that, players will not have the option to use this, because Akara will only provide a reset for each difficulty level. This also means that if the player restarts the game with Akara on Hell difficulty, she will no longer be able to let you reset.

If you have already taken advantage of Akara’s free reset, there is another option, but it is not easy to follow. In this way, by mixing four different essences in the Horadric Cube, players can make a pardon order, which can be used to reset attributes and skill points.

You can make an unlimited number of pardons, which also means that you can use this method to reset your stats and skills at any time. However, the four essences required to make this token require players to farm, which is something most players are unwilling to do. Therefore, it is best to pay attention when assigning points.

When these methods fail, you can recreate a character and start again. Although this is not an ideal method, it is definitely better than you continue to play a role with inefficient allocation of skills and attribute points.

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