New World: A new server merger will take place between December 20th and December 21st from AnneBullock's blog

The server consolidation will take place from December 20th to December 21st.

Amazon Games gave a detailed description of which New World servers and world schedules and times will be merged.

Luxendra, the community manager of New World, said in an update posted to the game's official Amazon New World Coins forum that they will list two different times for these mergers, and also list the changes that will be affected by each world that will be merged.

Regarding the question of why it is necessary to merge servers, New World’s FAQ explained that whether it is fighting opponents in wars or invasions, or hanging out in local taverns, they found that healthier areas also provide players with more enjoyment. Opportunity for game time.

When the data shows that the experience in the world has become sub-optimal, the game team will investigate the reasons for the change in conditions and see if it needs to be merged. Part of the survey content is to find the most suitable counterpart for the world that is destined to merge, which also helps to ensure that the player's time in Aeternum becomes more interesting.

New World's user ratings dropped from mostly positive to mixed. You can find many reasons for the decline in the popularity of the game on the game browsing page, but most people seem to be dissatisfied with some economic changes in the game, and some people are frustrated with the large number of MMO errors.

Since the launch of Amazon's New World game one month ago, the number of  game New World Coins  players has decreased by about 1 million. An analysis of data provided for free on SteamCharts shows that the MMO has lost 135,000 monthly players every week since its launch at the end of September. But it once reached an astonishing peak of 913,027 concurrent players on October 3rd.

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