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If you are a fan of MMORPG games, then I believe you must have followed World of Warcraft, the classic MMO game. Or, it happens to be your favorite game you are playing? If so, you must already know that WOW TBC Classic is about to usher in its third WOW TBC Gold phase.

As we are about to enter the third phase of WOW TBC Claissic, we can take this opportunity to learn about the number of servers in 2021. Perhaps, you may also want to know how the past few months and the start of the championship game have affected the Outland endgame statistics.

Given the current WOW TBC Claissic ID, the nerfs of Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep have arrived, and their coordination of level 5 raids has disappeared. To put it another way, Blizzard’s developers set the starting route for the third phase of TBC Classic.

We are currently approaching the third stage of WOW TBC Claissic, and can take this opportunity to look at the server population in December 2021. The impact of the championship season on the population is exciting.

Through statistics about players using their own characters to participate in the PVE endgame on different servers, we found that the number of players on almost all servers has decreased slightly. After comparison, we found that there is almost no obvious growth in any field. This situation is of course related to the tournament TBC Classic Gold season, because of the hardcore option, many players are very interested in it. Blizzard is expected to announce the third phase of WOW TBC Claissic soon.

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