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Why Personalized Jewelry Is the Perfect Gift

If people think of custom jewelry, it is often the rings of class and the rings of the family. And while those are more than true examples, it’s so much more to create a custom piece of jewelry. It’s about art. An expression that goes beyond engraving, telling a meaningful story or making a meaningful memory. You’re making something special when you donate someone custom jewelry (or pick something for yourself). But if you’re not sure yet, we’re breaking down 5 reasons why more customized jewelry is more important.To get more news about personalized projection necklace, you can visit official website.

You’re showing them something special when you give someone custom etched jewelry. You devote a part of your own mind to them. There’s something that’s your relationship with them. Too often people get caught in the idea that you care for expensive gifts. More money doesn’t mean more thought. You can’t put kindness at a cost. A custom engraving is a great way to show your friendship with someone you really care for. It tells them that you go beyond just buying something for the monetary value. An engraving means you’re putting time, thought, and energy into your gift planning.

Engraving makes sure that no one has the jewelry that you offer (or buy for yourself). Everything you make is your own and your design can be repeated by nothing else in the world. You make your own special piece of art that reflects you and your loved ones.

Turn gears for a moment, the terrible happens occasionally, and jewelry is missing or worse, it gets stolen. It is hard to get that jewelry purely back down to how difficult it is to distinguish one piece of jewelry from another. But, as we mentioned above, customer engraved jewelry is special. Identifying it is straightforward, as long as the mark is not a common word or phrase. While we do not recommend custom engraving as a fail-safe against stolen jewelry (to begin with it is very difficult to find stolen jewelry), it adds to your purchase a certain level of protection.

Things in life come and go even though they don’t always last as vividly as we would like. We wouldn’t need pictures and video if they did. But photography is not the only way it can solidify a memory. Binding an object’s memory can also help cement memories.

It doesn’t have to include passion, a special event, or some remembrance to build a connection with someone. Persons often meet in the most unlike ways. Leaving a permanent reminder of this is a perfect way to remember the old and new. Think of an engraving as a tangible monument to somebody’s relation. You can both keep something that reminds you of your mutual relationship.

5 Jewelry Trends That Are Keeping Pace

More often than not, I’m treating my jewelry as the foundation of my outfit rather than the final layer. This could be because wearing a necklace, earrings, and rings (I talk with my hands!) on so many video calls helped me maintain some sort of creativity even when my clothing was pretty bland. With so many exciting jewelry brands that are revamping old styles or coming up with fresh designs of their own, I am here to bring you the five jewelry trends that are taking center stage right now.To get more news about projection necklace, you can visit official website.

I own a lot of these necklaces because I feel like each brand does the trend differently and you can see their unique artistry each piece. I love the ones I know are handmade, because you know the designer chose each bead purposely and that every necklace is different. The brands that always come to mind with these necklaces are Ian Charms, a female-owned, handmade jewelry company based in LA, and Don’t Let Disco, a female-owned, hobby-turned-brand jewelry company with the most unique beads (boobs!
cupcakes! rubber ducks!), both of whose one-of-a-kind necklaces sell out fast. These necklaces fully make an outfit, and I personally love them worn with the simplest of looks. That being said, I sometimes go all in and match the colors of my clothes to the beads, which is basically just a really fun game for me.
I wrote about all of my favorite colorful chunky ring brands back in April, and the trend is still going—maybe even ramping up. I see brands posting photos of hands with multiple rings on multiple fingers, and it seems to be inspiring their customers since I have been clocking the look everywhere and even doing it myself. I often wear two Keane rings on a single finger because these handmade glass rings look so cool stacked. The brand La Manso now sells two rings together, and the brand Blobb even infamously posts hands with more than five fingers on them because the more rings, the merrier.
It makes me want more fingers. Imagine wearing a fistful of these Bonbonwhims rings?
This is certainly not a new trend, but I’m seeing more and more people wearing these personalized jewels. It could be the fact that astrology is leading our hopes and dreams, but there are so many zodiac, nameplate, and initial jewelry pieces overflowing the market. Stella & Haas makes a really beautiful Old English font nameplate necklace that helps illustrate. I personally also love this bubble initial from Ariel Gordon and this colorful initial pinky ring by Adinas Jewels.

My mom had a gold tennis bracelet I always loved growing up, meaning this isn't the trend's first rodeo. With tennis fashion, from mini skirts to racquet-embroidered polos and sweaters, growing in popularity, why not throw a tennis bracelet or necklace in the mix? I have a tennis bracelet and necklace from the Korean brand Flan and and can confirm the versatility of these jewels. These everyday pieces are so classic and will stand the test of time.

Not that it matters, because wear whatever you love, but I’m personally so relieved that the world is welcoming mixed metals. I remember being told you should only wear silver tones or yellow tones in jewelry, but never the two together. That rule doesn’t exist in 2021 with brands exploring mixed metals in a big way. Machete makes one of my favorite necklaces: this chunky interchangeable link necklace split in silver and gold. I am also a big fan of two-toned watches like this one from Talley & Twine. These pieces coordinate seamlessly with any other jewelry you’re wearing, too.

Multicolour Polyresine Couple Figurine

Beautiful Sitting couple pair miniature figurine statues. This real looking statue is so beautiful looking, it will add glamor to any corner of your home. This statue is made of good polyresin. A must have for home decoration to express your first love, centerpiece for coffee table, Beautiful decorative items for drawing room \ Living Area, memorable gifts for best friend, for interior decoration of your house , centrepiece for centre table. To get more news about custom couple figurine, you can visit official website.

Perfect gift for gifting to girlfriend on dinner date, Gifts for gf, birthday special gift for gfs birthday, romantic love gifts for girlfriend. Ethnic Karigari Beautiful Couple showpieces can be used as Paper Weight for Office Table a nice Statue for valentine gift, Small Showpieces Figurines for Home Decor, Garden Decoration Items for Balcony or Study Desk decor. Ideal for home decor, side corners table in Bedroom, centerpieces for centre table, anniversary gifts for couples, bhaiya and bhabhi, decorative couple figures for bed room. It can also be a nice gifting option on various occasions, such as new year, diwali, new year celebration gift for girlfriend, for newly married couple, valentine gift for girls women, friendship s day, return gift for kitty party etc.

Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the Modern Mom

Mother's Day is especially close to our heart. After all this is the foundation of how we came to be. We've put together some gift ideas to hopefully inspire and get your creative juice flowing. Whether she's a new or experienced mom, she deserves to know how much we care because to put it simply, noone measures up to her!To get more news about photo projection bracelet, you can visit official website.

1. Tiny Initial Disc Necklace - Add her babies' initials on each disc to represent the tiny humans whose hearts she holds forever. Mix and match the sizes and quantities for a more meaningful look.
2. Initial Medallion Necklace - For the mom who is a champ. They say we can't all look good, it's either the house, the kids, or mom, but she seems to carry it all with grace. Give her a symbolic initial medallion to remind her how much she is winning it in life and motherhood!
3. You had the power all along Rectangle Necklace - Hey momventures arent easy. For the mom who needs a little encouragement, remind her that she can live joyfully day by day, because she holds the power within her. This 14K solid gold beauty is a jewelry she will cherish for life.
4. Superhero, Supermom Circle Necklace - Motherhood is not about being perfect its about being super! I don't know about you but I call my mom for everything. To my defender, healer, bestfriend, cheerleader, and many more, you are my superhero!
5. Mom in a Million Small Rectangle Necklace - No titles, no pay increases, often times hammered by double standards yet she holds her head up high because she is simply QUEEN. She is the one and only, irreplaceable, mom in a million.
The sky is the limit with your creativity! Get started with personalizing your Mother's Day Gift today.

24 Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts She’s Sure to Love

Not to discount the loveliness of flowers, but when shopping for Mother’s Day, jewelry gifts are indisputably longer lasting. There is a staying power, sentimentality, and heirloom quality of jewelry that makes it an obvious choice for a Mother’s Day gift. Not to mention, there are infinite possibilities of jewelry that feel personal with birthstones and engraving options. After all, these are pieces that will most likely make their way down the inheritance chain to her children—even more reason to give Mother’s Day jewelry gifts with thought.To get more news about personalized projection necklace, you can visit official website.

When Noura Sakkijha, CEO and cofounder of Mejuri, had her twins two years ago, she became even more focused on creating pieces that can stand the test of time: “While we have always produced fine jewelry to last forever,” says Sakkijha, “it has been important to me to create unique, beautifully crafted heirloom pieces that can remind you of a person or memory.”
And though we should celebrate mothers every year, Sakkijha brings up the good point that over this past year, so much has fallen on the shoulders of mothers—now is the time to show them our appreciation. “The past year has been difficult for everyone, but even more so for mothers who are juggling many roles. A gift that truly caters to her will mean so much. By investing in a piece she can keep forever but wear every day, the sentiment behind celebrating her also creates a memory that lasts a lifetime.”

So, by all means, buy the flowers (I would never discourage someone from buying my namesake), have the kids draw a card (really, do!) but take the below Mother’s Day jewelry gift suggestions seriously as the main gift.This selection of lockets, talismans, and engravable pendants are full of sentiment and versatility—they pair just as well with T-shirts and sweaters as they do breezy dresses.

These personalizable signet rings, slim bands with a slice of sparkle, or an engraving of mama, all have significance and can be easily integrated into most ring groupings

Personalised gift solution ApparelTech is making waves with its unique offerings

For the last five years, the global custom printing industry has quadrupled itself with an increase of 25 percent and the addition of new categories of gift items. As the global retailing market increases, the revenue of the industry is expected to reach $77 billion by the end of 2022. This means that the custom gifting industry together with personal and corporate gifts will hold almost 80 percent of the retail market share.To get more news about personalized gifts, you can visit official website.

Owing to this diversity of gifts, there has also been an increase in purchasing power of the Millennials. The increase has led to the changing buying patterns of consumers. The affluent lifestyle and influence of social media have a huge impact on unconventional customized gifting. Moreover, the influence of the US—primarily Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Thanksgiving—has given quite a boom to the personalized gifting market. The charm of personalized messages on top of this has given an enormous boost to this service.

Custom-designed t-shirts are increasingly being used by companies as a modern branding strategy to brand their company, products, or offerings. The fashion industry is witnessing a shift toward wearing customized clothing. Also, the increasing disposable income of consumers is enabling them to spend on customized clothes. As a result, people prefer wearing customized t-shirts, holding mugs, with specific logos or slogans printed on them. Tailor-made products are in demand and they now constitute almost $20.4 billion of the market share. An especially growing trend of green gifting is taking over.
Despite the huge demand and scale, printing is still a very niche and unorganized sector in India. One such wholesale printing company which deals in personalized gift ApparelTech is ready and geared up for unique business features.

The journey of ApparelTech began in the year 2018 with their first wholesale outlet in Delhi and a small team of hardworking people. Conceptualized by two passionate hustlers- Sudhanshu Jain and his younger brother Arihant Jain started ApparelTech as the one-stop solution for all custom printing needs and at an affordable price point, with a bootstrapped capital of just ₹80,000. Their capital may have been small but their dreams were big, and their desire to succeed was even larger. The amount was churned out after working diligently with Arvind and Alma Mater. as a Graphic Designer for three years!
After the success of their store in NOIDA, ApparelTech launched its online Website in 2020 and is now one of the most preferred partners for Indian Corporate Gifting Solution. With the company’s exceptional customer services and art of pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology in gifting and brand promotion, ApparelTech provides an edge over Quality and Innovation and has gained huge recognition overseas as well.

With worldwide delivery and customized offerings as per the client’s budget and requirements, ApparelTech has become the most trusted partner offering the widest variety of Corporate Gifting Solutions. Besides a worldwide network of operations and two wholesale stores in Delhi and NOIDA, ApparelTech’s online store offers a plethora of customized gifts ranging from T-Shirt, Hoodie, Mug, Cap, Pen, Badge, Mouse Pad, Key-Chain, Shipper Bottle, Shaker Bottle, Beer Mug, Wristband, Lanyard, Paper Weight, Watches, Cotton Bag, Diary, Pen-drive, Travel Bag, ID Card. with an exquisite collection of Corporate Gifting Solutions.

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