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Gold Futures: Scope for extra gains

In light of flash data from CME Group for Gold futures markets, traders added around 6.1K contracts to their open interest positions on Thursday, reaching the second build in a row. Volume, instead, shrunk by more than 192K contracts, reversing the previous build.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit official website.
Gold faces the next target at $1,900
  Thursdays continuation of the rally in gold prices was amidst rising open interest, which remains supportive of extra gains to, initially, the $1,900 mark per ounce troy, where is located a minor hurdle at a Fibo retracement of the January-March drop.

US Dollar and Yen May Rise as Meme Stocks, Coins Warn of Market Excess

Signs of market excess began to emerge prior to the 1929 collapse in financial markets that helped trigger the Great Depression. An old industry adage- one that has become an embedded platitude in stories of financial bubbles – states, “When the shoeshine boy gives you stock tips, sell”.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit official website.
  This principle still appliesin the 21st century, though the occupation and medium of communication is different. TikTokers and other social media influencers are the new digital canaries in the financial coal mine. Fringe assets with no clear-cut fundamental value have surgedduring the pandemic in large part thanks to their encouragement.
  These assets include – but are certainly not limited to – shares of GameStop, Bitcoin, and its absurdist descendant Dogecoin. Their spectacular rise can arguably be attributed to four phenomena [not in order of relevance]:Trading apps like Robinhood have helped to bring a younger demographic of traders to the financial fore. While this is not problematic in and of itself, newer users are often less experienced. When combined with user-optimized interfaces that make it easier to trade, this has led to the general gamification of stocks and trading (i.e. the adoption of a video gaming-like approach to platforms and services as well as to trading itself).
  #2 Growing Interest Among Millennials Engaged in Trading
  While retail trading was previously associated with an older and more risk-averse demographic, the new paradigm has come to feel more like a game. The influx of younger traders who grew up in a more digital world with these new trading instruments have begun to change the landscape and nature of trading as a whole.
  #3 Memeification of Securities
  The rush of younger traders has also brought the social zeitgeist with it. Memes are a key feature of this phenomenon. When memes become associated with or take on the form of an asset – Dogecoin is a prime example – the familiarity that this confers, combined with a trading platform presenting investing in a game-like way, has helped push prices higher.
  #4 Ultra-Loose Credit Conditions
  When the pandemic hit, central banks all over the world turned up the credit taps full blast in an effort to avoid a credit squeeze and implosion of the global financial system. While the tsunami of liquidity was met with open arms as a bulwark against credit stress, it has also allowed for rampant speculation. At the end of 2020, the tech-leaning Nasdaq was up over 40 percent and the S&P 500 around 15 percent.
  However, these returns pale in comparison to some of the outliers, as introduced above. Besides those already mentioned, this also includes shares of Tesla, whose iconic CEO Elon Musk has helped propel the stock to astronomical heights.
  Below we will explore four rather strange assets that have attracted acute attention in mainstream media after initially starting off on the social/financial periphery.
Dogecoin was created on December 6, 2013 as a joke using the famous Shiba Inu “Doge” meme as the face of the token. For many years it remained a financial pariah until meme culture began to permeate more mainstream conversations and began to be promoted by celebrities and influencers. Its growing popularity came with the new wave of younger, meme-friendly traders.
  Between January 1 and May 7 of this year, Dogecoin rose by a whopping 13,263.9%. Tesla‘s Musk compounded the cryptocurrency’s gains after tweeting “Doge” and “Dogecoin is the people's crypto”, sending the digital token up over 60% in one day. What started as a joke has led to a market cap of close to $100 billion and wider-spread adoption in retail trade.

Why The Global Chip Shortage Is Set To Get Even Worse

Chip demand continues to rise and Taiwan, the world's biggest chip manufacturer by far, is now facing three fresh challenges which will impact everything from cars to phones to fridges. The crisis could also push global inflation still higherTo get more news about WikiFX, you can visit official website.
  What's happening in Taiwan is impacting the car you buy, the phone you use, in fact virtually, anything electronic. That's because the country is the global leader in semiconductor chip production. And there's a worldwide shortage, a big one. And supply is likely to get even more challenging.
  Lockdowns prompted more people to upgrade their technology. The rollout of 5G networks also led to huge demand. And Taiwan, in particular, is now facing 3 major issues which could either prompt higher global inflation or force us to go backwards as far as our technological needs are concerned.

Puma Releases The New Italy Away Shirt

Football kit news alert for Italy fans. Puma has released the new Italy shirt that the Azzurri will wear at the upcoming Euro 2020. The kit is a part of Puma's ''Only See Great'' line. The new kit provides an offbeat style that rejuvenates the branding of the Italian national football team. Get more news about cheap football kit online,you can vist!

The jersey is predominantly white, as we have seen in other Italy away shirts in recent years. What makes this shirt truly unique is the word ''Italia'' printed at the center of the chest. It breaks up a line that runs green to the one side and red to the other.

The PUMA logo and the FIGC (Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio) crest lie just above the Italia printing. The sleeve trims come in navy blue. You can also find two navy blue accents on the shoulders. A pair of navy blue shorts complements the shirt.

Juventus 21/22 Home Kit Leaks

Leaked football kit news update for Juventus fans! The Juventus home kit for the 21/22 season is expected to drop very soon. Football kit news outlet Footy Headlines has released photos of the new jersey. The kit has also been reportedly spotted for sale in Australia. Get more news about Cheap Soccer Jersey,you can vist!

Juventus return to the classic black and white stripes after experimenting with different black and white patterns in the last two seasons. The noticeable change in the jersey is a new sponsors label that appear just below the Jeep patch.

4xe, however, is not a new shirt sponsor. It is the latest technology Jeep is using in their Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV). The 4xe patch featured occasionally in Juventus jerseys this season, but as it seems, it will be a mainstay next season.

Affordable Solutions for Metal Stamping Industry

Metal stamping industry is one of the most crucial industries supporting the latest innovations taking place across the globe. In almost every industry, there is some or the other metal stamping requirement. As a result, the metal stamping industry is booming and several new projects are being taken up each day. However, there is a lot of money involved in these projects, and so it is only wise to make sure that affordable solutions are provided. Affordable solutions will help to stay afloat in this competitive market and keep customers happy at the same time. Here are some of the solutions that can be helpful in this regard.To get more news about metal stamping manufacturers, you can visit official website.

There are numerous materials available in the metal stamping industry. The types of steel can be chosen based on facts such as corrosion resistance, temperature requirements, hardness of the steel, pressure conditions, ductility, and so on. You can choose from hot and cold rolled steel. Some of the other materials available are:

These and many more types are available out there, but you need to carefully consider the kind of project you are handling, metal stamping tools required, the quality and quantity of material, application, and other such important factors before making a decision. This will help you choose a perfect material required for the task at hand. Even a slightest difference in the cost of material can have a long term effect on your overall project expenses.

Communication is a key to success of every business, and so is true in metal stamping industry. A precision metal stamping manufacturer should have transparent communication across various departments. There are several departments such as the ones responsible for designing metal stamping dies, the one on production line, quality control process engineers, shipping, and several other teams that work together. A good communication is what will ensure that everyone in the company knows about the available materials, shortage, excess, delays, delivery times, and everything else that can help them be efficient in their work.

This will help all of these departments to make adjustment to their schedule depending upon the changes needed. It will save a lot of time, efforts, and unnecessary expenses as well. At the end, good communication system will help everyone to be efficient and this as a result will help provide affordable solutions.Do you find your company releasing shipping orders before time and not agreed upon quantity? Well, if yes, then you are going to lose a lot of money. The quantity of shipping needs to be agreed upon and followed because this will be beneficial for both the parties involved. If the client’s request urgent delivery of products outside of agreed upon delivery schedule, then this will incur additional cost, but who will pay? Well, the precision metal stamping manufacturers need to keep a strict policy regarding this. The optimum shipping frequency of finished products will ensure cost saving and this in turn will also help in providing affordable solutions.

If the supplier constantly agrees on expedited delivery, the clients will benefit but supplier will lose a lot of production time, efforts, and money. Rather than absorbing these costs, it will be good to make practical arrangements for the same.

The FDA Approves ‘Heat Not Burn’ IQOS Cigarettes For American Sale

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) handed Philip Morris International (PMI) a victory yesterday as it approved for sale in the United States their IQOS product of “heat not burn” cigarettes. After three years of study, the FDA will now allow IQOS, which PMI and many scientists say drastically reduces harmful chemicals users ingest, to be sold in American stores.To get more news about Hitaste p6, you can visit official website.

The product is a battery-charged, handheld device into which “heat sticks,” which look like mini cigarettes, are inserted. The device heats the tobacco in the “heat sticks” to a level that releases nicotine, the addictive substance in tobacco, without any burning of the leaves. It is this lack of combustion that results in reduced harm. Unlike vaping, IQOS uses real tobacco, which means that for many of its users it more closely resembles the sensation of traditional smoking.
The FDA’s decision to authorize IQOS in the U.S. is an important step forward for the approximately 40 million American men and women who smoke. Some will quit. Most won’t, and for them IQOS offers a smoke-free alternative to continued smoking. In just two years, 7.3 million people around the world have abandoned cigarettes and switched completely to IQOS. Today’s decision by FDA makes this opportunity available to American adult smokers. All of us at PMI are determined to replace cigarettes with smoke-free alternatives that combine sophisticated technology and intensive scientific validation. FDA’s announcement is a historic milestone.

For PMI, the decision could not have come too soon. Its American sister company, Altria, which will distribute IQOS in the United States, last year bought a large share in Juul, a vape product that has quickly taken up 70 percent of the market. This created tension between PMI and Altria, as the former saw the move as a detriment to their rollout of IQOS. Now Altria will be free to sell and promote IQOS, alongside Juul.Over the past year, Juul has come under increasing attack for its sales to minors. The product has been part of the cause of an enormous spike in youth vaping. Importantly, the FDA decision on IQOS specifically stated that IQOS would not be attractive to youth users, a claim backed up by data from the 47 countries in which IQOS has been introduced.

But PMI’s battle with the FDA over IQOS is only half won. In 2016, along with its application to sell the product, PMI submitted an application for the product to receive a Modified Risk Tobacco Product (MRTP) label, introduced under the Obama administration, but which the FDA has never granted to a product. The MRTP label is essentially an FDA stamp of approval that a given product truly is less harmful than traditional smoking. That application is still pending.The label is important not only because it gives consumers confidence that the product is actually less harmful, but it can also make the price point of IQOS significantly lower than other products. Two states so far—Kentucky and Connecticut—have already passed laws stating that products with the MRTP label will be taxed at half the rate of products without it.

Experts I have spoken to over the years tell me that this use of the tax code to encourage the adoption of lower-risk products is a key component to lowering the overall rate of smoking. As more states adopt such tax remedies, the significant difference in price between more and less harmful products could be a game changer in smoking cessation.

It is intriguing that this decision comes quickly on the heels of the departure of former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb. During his tenure, Gottlieb soured on vaping and other reduced-risk products because of the rise of youth adoption. This decision could signal that the agency is now more open to these products.

Antai Global Corporate Lab Program – Bilibili Project has successfully opened

The Bilibili project of Antai Global Corporate Lab (“Lab”) Program officially opened on June 11th, 2020. This Lab program is initiated by Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. It seeks to gather students from Antai and top business schools overseas to tackle real business challenges identified by multinational corporations in China, under the guidance of Antai faculty supervisor.To get more news about Antai business college, you can visit official website.

The Lab team of Bilibili project consists of four IMBA students and two CLGO students. It will cooperate with Bilibili Shanghai and solve its problem in the field of live streaming. Students are expected to provide an appropriate solution to Bilibili after seven weeks of research and analysis.

On the afternoon of June 11th, under the leadership of Yin Haitao, Associate Dean of Antai College, Xu Zibin, the Faculty Supervisor, Li Haigang, Director of MIB program, Wang Haihui, Director of International Office at Antai College and Yao Linan, Manager of Lab Program, Lab team went to
Bilibili, located in Yangpu District for project kick-off. They were warmly received by Jiang Jian, Senior product manager of live streaming of Bilibili, and other Bilibili staff.

At the kick-off meeting, Associate Dean Yin Haitao firstly appreciated Bilibili’s support and trust in Antai Global Corporate Lab Program and then shared the purpose and goal of this program: on the one hand, to build an international platform of action-based learning experience in business education; on the other hand, to provide consulting services to companies and give them access to the best employee candidates from Antai college. Then, Bilibili staff welcomed the arrival of the students and teachers and introduced the history of Bilibili and the live streaming project they are working on.

After that, Xu Zibin guided students to understand Bilibili’s business challenge and led them to reflect on business knowledge and theories they might use in solving the problem. In the next six weeks, we believe that the lab team will find a right direction to deal with the problem, and finally give a professional solution to Bilibili.

China Think Tank Research and Evaluation Center at Nanjing University (CTTREC), a key research institution jointly built by the Publicity Department of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Nanjing University in 2015, which specializes in think tank research and the cultivation, assessment, evaluation and administration of human resources. Chinese Think Tank Index (CTTI) is a think tank statistics platform and information query platform jointly developed by CTTREC and the Publicity Department of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, and strategically supported by the Guangming Daily Think Tank Research and Publication Center. CTTI is dedicated to providing Chinese think tanks with solutions to data collection, sorting, identification, storage, retrieval and utilization.To get more news about china industry research centers, you can visit official website.
Since its founding two years ago, the Institute for Industry Research (IIR) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University has been adhering to the development policy of “be grounded in China’s management practice, promote social and economic development, improve economic management theory”. IIR is building an industry-based longitudinal study approach upon the discipline-based cross-sectional study, in an effort to create an academic atmosphere featuring “interdisciplinary research, unity of knowledge and action”, return to the origin of business school development, and form a virtuous circle among practice, academic research and teaching.
Based on a full insight into a number of key industries, nearly 110 teachers at Antai in 30 industry-specific research teams are able to study the industry status and future trends from the macro and micro levels, and from the perspective of multiple disciplines. The official inclusion of the IIR, SJTU in CTTI means that the Institute has been recognized for its new progress in serving the four fields of society, government, enterprises, and teaching & scientific research.
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