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Flying can be a big hassle these days. The old hazards of weather and mechanical problems are still with us, but now there are new challenges. Long security lines, charges for baggage, difficulty in changing tickets can all make the airport experience stressful. The airport taxi service is a way to reduce the anxiety level of a long day getting from here to there.


This is one worry that need not hang over a vacation or business journey. Swift and competent transportation to the departure point is available from an airport taxi service. Professional drivers will pick you up right in front of your home and take you directly to the curbside of the airline you have chosen.


Many people do not know that a reservation for this service can often be made as late as a few hours before you need to arrive at the airport. Arrangements can usually be completed either by phone or online. Unlike airline tickets, plans for a car or shuttle service are easy to Cabs Chertsey  modify if your schedule suddenly changes.


Long-term parking is a solution for some people, but rates for even a week-long stay at such a facility can mount into the hundreds of dollars. The spaces reserved for cars that are staying for an extended period may also be quite far from the baggage claim area. The tired traveler must then trudge with all the luggage to his or her car, perhaps in inclement or cold weather.


Public transportation to most airports is provided by the city or county of that area. Remember, however, that parking at a train or commuter rail station may not be allowed for more than one day without a fee. Such charges will accrue on a per diem basis, and in the case of a journey of more than five or six days, easily surpass the cost of an airport taxi service.


For those travelers unfamiliar with the layout of the airport or the approaches to it, a luxurious cab ride in a comfortable seat can spare them an anxious search for the correct exit or place to park. Airport police with whistles now routinely wave away from the curbside any car parked more than half a minute or so, making pickups of friends or family especially difficult in our security-conscious era. With so much irritation waiting inside the terminal, at least the trip to and from it can be easy and pleasant.


But the case of a well-traveled business person is no different. They know all too well the perils of leaving one's unattended vehicle in a back lot for days or weeks, as well as getting caught on a crowded bus that suddenly needs to change drivers or stop for a mandated break. A friendly and courteous cab driver will lift all suitcases into his trunk and perhaps chat about that day's conditions at the departure point. After all, he's probably been there recently.


But the most important reason comes last: the airport taxi service is very affordable. No other mode of transit is both fast and light on the wallet. Ride in leisure and leave the driving to a licensed conductor. The trials to be faced later at the security checkpoints and scanning machines will be that much less burdensome to face.



As a small business owner, you may be wondering if it is worthwhile to invest your money in online printing services. These services will give you high-quality, professional results. Whether you need business cards, brochures, or labels, a hard-copy printing company can help you reach your target audience.


Business owners spend a percentage of their company's budget on advertising. You will want the most economical way to reach future customers. You may think that printing your own presentations is the way to go. You should consider the following.


In the news, you see companies deciding not to continue making their magazines. Why? Because they feel that the Internet and social media are the best ways to reach their audience. These companies call it "non-traditional marketing." That would make media "traditional marketing."


With all the blogging, web articles, and social media available to us, companies are considering paper media to be outdated. Print media is definitely not dead. In fact, now is the printing services in Bristol perfect time to catch people's attention with print because it's different.


Every business owner should have a great looking set of business cards to hand out to clients and to prospective customers at networking events. A nice business card creates a good first impression and acts as a focal point later on. If your card is professional looking, then you will likely receive a follow-up call or e-mail.


First impressions mean everything, especially in business. The impact of your materials does make a difference. You have to give potential clients and future customers a reason to do business with you. To give a professional impression every time, have your marketing material produced by an expert company.


Local hard-copy companies will have the expertise to plan the most effective types of marketing media to reach your intended audience. From direct mail campaigns to brochures and catalogs, a print company will benefit your business.


Hard-copy companies can make sure you reach your target audience. They can make sure your message "speaks" to this audience. Because this is their area of expertise, an online printing company can offer a small business owner help by designing and making the marketing materials compelling.


Time and money are important to you and your business. Successful engagement of your target audience with attention-grabbing content is paramount. The material must be rewarding and give the customer satisfaction before they even visit your website.


Online printing services will save you time and money. On top of this, you'll be sure to impress clients and potential customers alike with your professional cards, posters, and more.

The cost of the latest printer models has become affordable for most consumers, but the cost for ink cartridge replacement is still heavy on the pocket for many. It's a good thing there are several tricks you can do to prolong the life of your printer cartridges. Yes, your printer will eventually run out of ink and you will eventually need to buy new ink, but with these tips and tricks, you can at least delay the time for having to spend money on a new one. Here are several practical and very effective ways of extending the life of your printer's ink cartridge:

Avoid Unnecessary Printing

This may sound obvious, but disciplining yourself in using your printer only when necessary can save you a lot of ink. At the same time, always check a document you are printing and see whether there are portions that don't actually need to be printed such as clip arts or graphs, for instance. This is especially when you're printing something out of a web page. Sometimes, there may be colored images included in the page you want to print. Instead of printing the page directly, you can simply copy only the text that you need and paste it in Microsoft Word and print the document from there.

Make it a Habit of Only Using Black & White Ink

As you may already realize, color ink cartridges are a lot more expensive than black ink cartridges, so even though printing with color can make your work more attractive, try to Printing company Bristol using black and white ink only, especially when color in the print is not really necessary.

Take Advantage of Economy Printing Mode

Unless you're printing a legal document or a document you're going to use for business presentation, you can print using economy setting. Most printers have this option, and even though the print may appear lighter, it is still of good quality. Using this option when printing personal files and your ink cartridge will definitely go a long way.

Buy Printer Cartridges Online

You may not realize it, but printer cartridges are usually sold way cheaper on the World Wide Web. Most of these online stores will beat the price of any advertised printer cartridges so you can be a hundred percent sure that you'll be able to save tons of money when you buy from them. Another thing these online printer cartridges sellers offer that local stores do not are huge discounts when you buy items from them in bulk.

These tips and tricks may seem too simple, but if you make them a habit, you can rest assured that your printer ink cartridges can go a long, long way!

The Benefits of Buying Ink Cartridges Online

People buy branded printers but do not pay much attention to the ink cartridges. Most of the time people end up spending a lot of money on printer ink cartridge which seem to finish very quickly. But now you can buy these online and save a lot of money. Earlier one had to visit the retail outlets to get a pack of printer cartridge supplies. Online printer ink cartridges have made life convenient. All one has to do is register at one of these sites selling these cartridges, select the ink needed for your printer and add to your cart. You can pay through credit cards.

Purchasing these cartridges of ink turns out to be a tedious job for the people owning a printer. In this age of fast life, one does not have so much time to visit a retail outlet just to buy an ink cartridge. Buying it online will help you save a lot of time and money. The first thing you will have to do is select the printer model you have and then go on to select the printer ink which will suit your printer. A list of these will appear when you select a printer model. You can then go on to select the color of the ink you want.

There are several online suppliers who are selling these inks. To attract the attention of the customers these sellers are selling these cartridges at very low prices and even the quality is good enough.

Online Purchase

An online purchase has one drawback. It does not give you a chance to see and check the product yourself. This is the reason why many people are doubtful when buying these online. But do not worry. Just select a reputed manufacturer and brand and buy it from them. Even if you get something which is not up to the mark you can easily get them changed.

So just make sure that all the services provided by the supplier meets your requirement and there is nothing missing in them. The price of these ink cartridges sold online is much less than that in the retail outlets. Compare the price before you make the payment. Since these people do not have to pay any extra cost, they charge less.

In der Vergangenheit wurden Menschen sehr leicht von Betrügern auf Dating-Sites getäuscht, die ihre falschen Identitätsinformationen preisgaben und gefälschte Profilbilder hochluden. Der Betrug ging so weit, dass diese Leute nicht nur mit den Emotionen derjenigen spielten, die es auf Online-Dating-Sites ernst meinten, sondern ihnen auch finanziell schadeten und viel Geld auf ihre Konten überwiesen bekamen.

Mit vielen Betrugsnachrichten, die in Zeitungen über diese Websites veröffentlicht wurden, wurden die Leute darauf aufmerksam und zögerten auch, diese Websites zu nutzen. Aber Tatsache ist, dass die Leute nicht ganz aufhören können, Online-Dating-Sites zu nutzen, da es einerseits ziemlich schwierig ist, einen kompatiblen Partner in dieser riesigen Welt zu finden, andererseits spielen diese Sites eine magische Rolle dabei, so bequem eine perfekte Übereinstimmung für Sie zu finden . Aber Sie Singles über 50müssen wissen, wie Sie vorgehen müssen, um den maximalen Vorteil für Sie zu erzielen.

In den letzten Jahren sind die Dating-Sites, die auf dem Höhepunkt der Popularität standen, an den Rand des Aussterbens geraten. Diese Seiten arbeiten hart daran, das Vertrauen ihrer Mitglieder zurückzugewinnen. Spezialisierte Dating-Sites wie die über 60 Dating-Sites haben viel für ihre Mitglieder auf Lager. Im Folgenden sind die Möglichkeiten aufgeführt, wie die Senioren-Dating-Crowd mit über 60 Dating-Sites umgehen muss:

  1. Über 60 Dating-Kandidaten müssen eine Vielzahl von Senioren-Dating-Sites durchsuchen und eine gute vertrauenswürdige Site finden, auf der sie sich anmelden können. Der berechtigte Kandidat muss die Datenschutzrichtlinie gründlich durchgehen und lesen, welche Einrichtungen eine bestimmte Site für die Sicherheit seines Profils und zunächst bietet registrieren Sie sich als kostenloses Mitglied.
  2. Jemand, der über eine Online-Dating-Site ausgehen möchte, muss die Profildetails einer anderen Nummer auf dieser Site durchgehen, um eine wertvolle Einschätzung über die Persönlichkeit der Personen zu treffen, die auf dieser Site online sind. Aber um wahrgenommen zu werden, müssen Sie auch Ihr eigenes Profil erstellen, damit andere Sie auch finden und kontaktieren können.
  3. Die Leute zögern heutzutage, ihre Profilbilder hochzuladen, obwohl dies die Grundvoraussetzung einer Dating-Site ist. Zweifellos wird sich zunächst jemand an Sie wenden oder auf Ihre Ansprache reagieren, wenn Ihr Profilbild beeindruckend ist. Aber aufgrund dessen, was in der Vergangenheit passiert ist, verlassen sich die Leute heute kaum noch auf Profilbilder. Wenn Sie sich ernsthaft auf einer Dating-Site befinden, müssen Sie Ihr Profilfoto hochladen, um die richtigen Antworten zu erhalten. Laden Sie immer Ihr neuestes Foto hoch.
  4. Wenn Sie die Website für angemessen halten, sollten Sie ein zahlendes Mitglied werden, um alle Vorteile zu nutzen, die die Website bietet.
  5. Wenn Sie mit Ihrem von der Website vorgeschlagenen Partner chatten, sagen Sie ihm oder ihr, er solle seine Webcam einschalten, um sicherzustellen, dass er oder sie die echte Person auf dem Bild ist. Wenn diese Person sagt, dass sie keine Webcam-Funktion hat, achten Sie sorgfältig auf ihren Chat. Hören Sie mehr zu, als Sie sprechen, damit Sie die Person im ersten Gespräch gut einschätzen können. Versuchen Sie, ihren Chat aufzugreifen und mit den grundlegenden Informationen, die sie Ihnen über sie gegeben haben, in Beziehung zu setzen.

Online-Dating ist sehr einfach und kann sehr fruchtbar sein, aber nur, wenn Sie in geordneter Weise vorgehen. Wenn Sie nicht mit Computern vertraut sind, können Sie jederzeit Hilfe von einem Freund oder Verwandten erhalten, und in kürzester Zeit werden Sie wieder da draußen Singles über 50sein.

Businesses are devising ways of outsourcing payment structures for their employees. Payroll service providers are skilled in this discipline, having the capability of processing payrolls more efficiently. Furthermore, utilizing the services of the right payroll company can go a long way in saving the organization a substantial amount of money in the form of hiring the services of in-house personnel to undertake the job. Factors to consider when choosing a payroll service provider include:

· Payroll accuracy

When choosing payroll services it is advisable to consider the payroll accuracy. Paychecks that are incorrect have the ability of making you and the employees unhappy. The right payroll provider understands the importance of ensuring each of the paychecks is processed accurately. The right payroll service provider will consider going over the payroll with the organization in detail, while offering you all the important information that you need.

· Considers the organization's future needs

The right service provider takes every initiative to check the accuracy of the payroll together with you. The service provider will review the hours worked, number of checks and the total amount of the payroll. They will also consider checking important details every time the provider  Online payroll servicestakes from the organization payroll information.

· Unmatched client services

The organization needs to find a service provider that has been in the business for a reasonable amount of time servicing many clients. This way, the service provider will be in a position to know the degree of involvement required. The right service provider should be in a position to offer self-service and full service options. They should have a payroll specialist who can help decide a complete payroll service from the beginning to finish. They should also be in a position to offer a web payroll system that offers a self-service option.

· Responsible for filing errors

Whatever, degree of involvement the organization chooses; the right payroll specialist should be ready to respond to any concerns or questions raised. Some payroll services fail to offer this kind of personalized system. Some providers offer the call center approach, where the organization gets to deal with different persons each time the payroll data is submitted. With this approach, clients find it difficult to find someone they can depend on for every payroll.

Although making mistakes is not common in preparing your own payroll, this can still cost the organization. The valuable energy and time spent figuring how the money is allocated can be spent making money. This explains why many organizations are outsourcing their payrolls.

When surveyed, the majority of small to mid-sized business owners in Sacramento California, or any other place where business is conducted, would respond that most of them do not care for the payroll administration aspect of their job and that this management task does not effectively use their time and attention. And, even though most business owners are fully aware that they have the option to engage a payroll services company to perform this function, many business folks are unfamiliar with the advantages and when the conditions are right to start to outsource payroll.


Businesses engage the services of a payroll service provider Payroll outsourcing for accountantfor several reasons, all of which are important. The reasons will differ for each company, as each company has its own unique circumstances. A list of the most popular reasons for outsourcing payroll follows: They are not discussed in any specific order, since the importance is based on the issues in each organization.


Though the larger corporations are able to employ their own personal payroll department, smaller companies find that the cost is not within their means. A payroll service company allows businesses with fewer than 20 employees to save money by letting them outsource the payroll duties.


Many smaller companies decide to outsource their payroll needs to outside companies because it allows for higher productivity. Once the employees are no longer burdened by the payroll process and payroll services are engaged, they can get involved in activities that are productive and help increase profits. In some situations, this may allow the number of employees to be reduced or assigned somewhere else.


Simply put, accuracy is essential for payroll. Employees can become upset when damaging mistakes are made when handling their wages and taxes. Worse than that, though, are the penalties that stem from any calculation mistakes that will have to be paid back to the government. Because of their expertise in this area, payroll services companies make few mistakes, and when they do, companies can request to be reimbursed for any losses they incur.


Enhanced speed and more flexibility are two of the reasons why some companies opt to allow dedicated payroll services to handle their payroll. Payroll processing companies have access to technical resources that allow them to handle complicated payroll problems with speed and accuracy. Payroll processing services have no difficulty handling when a company hires temporary or seasonal employees, while in-house payroll departments usually find this to be a challenge.


A good payroll services company will have years of experience and knowledge, as well as a variety of new ideas. There will most likely be someone on staff at all times who keeps up to date on tax laws and how they pertain to payroll issues. The training that is necessary to develop that level of expertise and professional knowledge is usually out of reach for the average payroll clerk.


Also, using a payroll processing company offers Sacramento small business owners two other bonuses: security and peace of mind. The average small business does not possess the means to overlook the payroll procedures at close range for the purpose of detecting unethical payroll practices. Once the payroll is in the hands of the professionals, a business owner can focus his attention on growing the business and seeking new opportunities.


Debt consolidation loans are last hope before bankruptcy, they can be both secured or unsecured loan types. Debts have become a harsh reality of today's life. Sometimes a debt amount can be so high that debt consolidation loan may be the only avenue left.

Where Do I Go For The Loan?

Internet is the best bet for looking for the right debt consolidation company. They process fast with no hassle of paper work involved. They will offer you free debt consolidation help. But be cautious. While choosing a debt consolidation company, always verify about the company Financial Services and study their track record. They should not be another arm of the company to which you already owe money as it will create conflicting interest for the debt consolidation company. Surf the net to see the rates that are being offered by the different free online debt consolidation quotes. Lastly, go for the debt consolidation loan only if settlement is out of the question for your existent loans.

Are There Many Kinds Of Debt Consolidation Loan?

Yes, there are. If you can provide collateral, then your debt consolidation loan will be seen as a secured loan. A secured debt consolidation loan is good for you, as the interest rate is low and the repay time period longer. You can even pledge your retirement benefits to get this loan. However, if you pledge your retirement benefits then try to return the loan amount soon and rebuild your nest egg so that you are not left penniless in your old age. Secured debt consolidation loan is mostly good for young people as they have many years of service left. When you offer your property as collateral, you can even overvalue the present valuation. Secured debt consolidation loan is also good for you if you have bad credit history or are on the verge of bankruptcy. With this debt consolidation help, you can pay off all high interest loans and pay back the company at a lower interest rate.

Nevertheless, if you have no collateral to pledge then you should undertake an unsecured debt consolidation loan. The interest rate may be higher in such a case but it still will be lower than the combined interest rates of all your other loans. In addition, the time period is less in case of unsecured debt consolidation loan.

Should I Consolidate All My Debts?

Debts can be a result of overuse of credit cards, due to medical emergencies, large lists of groceries and so forth. It is better if you consolidate only your loans that have a high interest rate and pay the rest as usual. The debt consolidation company may urge you to do otherwise but they will do it for their own benefit as more account means more service fee for them. No matter how low the interest rate is, ultimately it is a loan after all.

In conclusion, it may be said that debt consolidation loan is your last hope before a total financial disaster. In some countries you have to go for debt consolidation before  Financial Services declaring bankruptcy. So take a debt consolidation loan if there is no way out and get out of the debt trap.


If multiple credit card dues and other unsecured loans have resulted in a bad credit score that negates all your efforts to hunt for a loan, consider a credit card debt consolidation loan. A debt consolidation loan helps you to reduce the pile of credit card debts and improve your credit rating at the same time.


Whether you need a loan to consolidate your credit card debts or medical expenses or the debts resulted from using a student loan, you will find the best deal available to merge all types of your unsecured debts in a debt consolidation loan. You can turn to diverse types of debt consolidation services available, which include credit card debt consolidation loan, bad credit debt consolidation loan, free debt Financial Servicesconsolidation help, debt reduction and debt management services. You can consider a service depending on your debt situation and the type of solution you need to get out of it.


What Makes You Qualify For A Debt Consolidation Loan


When you are looking for a credit card debt consolidation loan, you need to clear a few obligations to qualify for the same. Unlike other types of loans, there is no mandatory requirement for consumers to posses a good credit history to take this loan. You can say that it is the best feature about this loan. The loan requirements vary depending on the type of loan you are applying for.


You can select from two types of loans to consolidate your credit card dues and other loans - secured loan for consolidation and unsecured loan for consolidating debt. Before you apply for either type, make sure you are familiar with the loan requirements.


The secured debt consolidation loan is linked to an asset like your house. As lenders bear risks for offering loans to users with a bad credit status, they require the consumers' home or other valuable assets to offer an equity loan. Since lenders bear lesser risks with this kind of secured loans, you will benefit from lower interest rates. Moreover, as you are using your car or home to secure the loan for lenders, you will get better loan conditions for these types of loans. However, you must keep in mind that you stand to lose your assets if you fail to make the payments on time. Lenders can take legal action against you for inability to pay and could grab your asset if you default in paying secured loans.


On the other hand, an unsecured debt consolidation loan for credit cards is rather difficult to get because lenders consider these loans as high risk lending. Though you have an advantage that you carry zero risk of losing your valuables, however, you end up paying a higher rate of interest. The higher rate on unsecured loans is to mitigate the greater risk that lenders take while offering such loans despite your bad credit status.


If you do not have any valuable or home to offer as collateral, do not panic because there are numerous companies that offer unsecured debt consolidation loan if you need one. All you need to do is to search online and locate a reliable company offering credit card debt  Financial Services consolidation loans as per your needs. Therefore, do not delay anymore to improve your financial health with a suitable loan and fulfill your debt reduction targets.



What is Digitalization?


Digitalization is the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities; it is the process of moving to a digital business.


What is Digital Marketing?


Digital marketing is an umbrella term that covers any form  Digital Agency Cambridge of marketing that involves electronic devices. It includes online as well as offline marketing. The world of marketing has gone through an evolution. The conventional methods of marketing are fast becoming obsolete and digital marketing is taking over. Today Digital Marketing is the most effective and pragmatic way to market a business.


What is a Digital Agency?


A Digital Agency is an advertising agency that helps adapt to the constant changes of marketing in the digital age. It provides creative, strategic and technical development of screen-based products and services like web and mobile application development, search engine optimization, social media marketing, content creation, online branding, email marketing to name a few.


How exactly does a Digital Agency work?


    A good digital agency works in segregated and specialized teams. Let's gain insight into the mechanism of such an agency.

    Sales/Marketing Team - The team of marketers cater to project procurement. This is the advent of the project where it is made sure that client expectations are set right and client knows what they will get in return.

    Project team and Managers - This team generally includes an SEO analyst, SMO managers etc who are managed by a highly experienced and skilled team manager.

    Web design and development Team - They build state of the art websites and design the layouts so as to ensure that the website visitor has the best on-site experience.

    Content Team: A team of content writers and developers who are proficient and have a strong hold over the English language looks after the content moderation tasks.

    CRM - Customer relationship management is an indispensable part for any team that reviews the project and team progress and deals with the client. They are the ones responsible to take the client's feedback to the team for customized project.

    QA and Reports - This team is responsible for quality checks, plagiarism. They also make sure these are being reported back to client properly.


Advantages of hiring a Digital Agency:


    An experienced in-house team can be quite expensive whereas hiring a digital marketing agency can be cost-effective.

    A web design agency takes the marketing burden off of you and your team so you can focus on other core areas of importance.

    As an agency has access to apt tools, software and analytical data it helps your business increase productivity and efficiency.

    Because digital marketing agencies work full-time on marketing, they can focus only on your campaigns thus offering consistency.

    A creative agency includes a team of designers, writers and marketing experts who with an assorted range of skills and knowledge.


Disadvantages of a Digital Agency:


    There always remains a risk of intellectual information of the client's company being exposed by an outsourced agency.

    If not checked closely, a digital agency can turn out to be not as good as it claims to be.

    As they work on different projects of various clients,  Digital Agency Cambridge your project may not get undivided attention as promised.

    There also can be the probability of miscommunication which might lead to an unsatisfactory service delivered to you.


Conclusion: With the digital world and the customers in it changing at a rapid rate, marketers all over the world are trying to understand the digital world more than ever before. In order to maximize your efficiency in the most cost-effective way while saving valuable time, it is better and smarter to choose a Digital Agency who would take care of everything.

Dog Scootering is an activity which is rapidly gaining popularity across the UK - dogs love to run and what better way to allow them to; you may have seen somebody in your local neighbourhood whizzing past you on a scooter being pulled by their dog or dogs. It is a great way to exercise and bond with your pet and is suitable for almost any fit and healthy dog.


Dog Scootering is a sport where one or more dogs pull a human riding an unmotorised two wheeled scooter. The human can help the dog along by scooting and together can cover a much wider area than by walking in the same time frame. This is a great way to exercise for both you and your dog. The dog obviously gets exercise by pulling the scooter and running, but people also get exercise, as they have to assist the dog by pushing the scooter, and at times, getting off and running with the scooter, especially up hills! Most dogs take to scootering immediately and need little or no encouragement to run as fast as they can, whilst going out to new and exciting places. As a scootering team get more experienced and confident, you can visit new trails and travel further, and can lead to a stronger bond between owner and dog.


Almost any type of dogs can pull a scooter, from Huskies, to Great Danes, and Schnauzers to Spaniels. The smaller the dog, the more you will have to help out on hills  scooter for kidsand rough spots. All dogs, regardless of size, must be slowly worked into fitness, along with their owners. Don't expect to run the Iditarod in your first month!


So how do you start scootering?


All you need to get started is yourself and your dog, a scooter, a harness and a gangline.


There are a variety of different types of scooter on the market currently, ranging from £150 to £400. Scooters are unmotorised and most have mountain bike type tyres, ranging from 16" to 26". The scooters have a large footplate to balance, stand upon and kick off from, and usually have a front and rear brake.


You may find some models only have a rear brake, and other models are now incorporating front shocks to absorb the bumps when riding over rough terrain. Most scooters allow the gangline to be connected around the head stock of the scooter, but there are some varieties of scooter which have introduced a "brushbow" attachment, which cover the front wheel. This protects the dogs from the wheel and also allows the gangline to be connected in a direct line to the rear of the harness.


An alternative sport similar to scootering is bikejoring. This is where a bike is used instead of a scooter, although some people view this as a more dangerous alternative, as it can be more difficult to dismount a bike in an emergency. Others feel more secure on a bike.


Scooters are easily transportable. They can fit inside a car (if you don't mind the mud!), a car boot or can be carried on a bike rack attached to the back or top of a car.


There are two types of harnesses that are generally used for scootering; the X-Back Harness and the Shoulder Harness.


The X-Back Harness is the mainstay product of the majority of professional and recreational mushers. Most commonly seen on pictures of sled dogs around the globe, this harness is the traditional style of capturing a dogs pulling power. It is important the harness fits snugly but not tightly around the neck and extends along the back stopping just short of the tail. As well as sledding and dryland mushing, this harness can be used for skijoring, bikejoring, cani-cross and scootering. The Shoulder Harness; this style of harness connects around the shoulders of the dog with the hitching point just below the shoulder blades. This has the advantage of allowing all the power generated at the shoulders to be harnessed directly, which is particularly useful when the hitching point is not directly in line with the dogs topline, such as with scootering, skijoring and bikejoring. If the connection point is significantly higher than the dogs topline, then the use of an X Back harness can cause the dogs back legs to be lifted away from the ground slightly reducing the power. Some long distance mushers in the Iditarod have also cited shoulder harnesses put less stress on the lower back and hips of the dog. Finally, you will require a gangline which is the line that connects your dog to the scooter.


The gangline will usually consist of two sections; the first called a tug line and the second a bungee line. Alternatively, you can obtain a single longer line which incorporates a bungee within. It is important to use a bungee within the lines, as it will absorb any sharp impacts from the scooter away from the dog and make the experience far more enjoyable.


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