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With influence marketing, it's important to remember that no matter how influential someone is, they too are influenced by their own network of friends, family, colleagues and even rivals.


Those who influence the influential can have their own large network, but in many cases those people at the top of the influence pyramid have a small tight-knit group of associates.


If you want investment guru Warren Buffett to speak at your charity event or university - you form a meaningful relationship with his public relations people. That's the essence of what it means to influence the influencer.


The kicker is how to do this. How does one go about becoming someone who has the opportunity to shape the actions of the Warren Buffetts of the world? And, depending on your target demographic, the challenge to influence marketing people is not only figuring out who the primary Influencer Marketing tool are, but also who influences the influencers.


For those who are new to the influence marketing game, finding out who these people are won't be easy, but the tools to track them down are probably already things you use every day - social media.


Twitter can help you discover who the real influencers are by how many followers they have. It doesn't matter what industry someone is in; if they have 800,000 followers, they are influential.


With Facebook, you may be able to see who the primary influencer networks with, and how frequently they engage these people.


At Digg, there is a group of extremely influential members, and if enough of them Digg your article or post, you'll end on top of the front page.


The student (we're all students, all our lives) of influence marketing can use this platform to see who the influencers are 'Digging' to get sense of what interests an influencer.


But don't rely completely on social media. Influence marketers should also 'unplug' now and then and look at the world around them.


Even in this technological age, some of the greatest influencers are people who interact with others the old-fashioned way - face to face. The lion's share of research into influence marketing can be done on social media, but there is no substitute for a hand-shake and a good conversation over a cup of coffee.



If you're looking for a weekend away with a difference, and fancy Eastern Europe for a change, then why not consider Krakow in Poland?


Here's why you should.


1. Krakow is very historic and picturesque city in south Poland, on the Vistula River.


2. This city is home to some of the most important culture in Poland, and there are over 2.5 million pieces of art and culture in the galleries and museums. Krakow is also on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.


3. In addition to looking to the past, Krakow is well equipped to deal with requirements of modern life. The architecture is outstanding, and if you like buildings then you'll love the sympathetic combination of old and new.


4. There are over 100 00 students in Krakow, making it a lively city. The local university, Jagiellonian University, is the oldest university in Poland.


5. Rynek Glowny, the Main Market Square, is the heart of the city, and offers fantastic shopping facilities as well as. It's the largest medieval market place in Europe, auschwitz private tourand there's always something going on here.


6. Thanks to the high number of students, there is a vibrant atmosphere to the city, and there are plenty of clubs, cafes and restaurants as well as spectacular nightlife.


7. Unlike most cities, there is a lot of greenery in Krakow, and the Planty is the green park area that surrounds the city, which replaced the city walls. This adds an air of tranquillity and relaxation to this city.


8. Krakow is also a good place to start if you plan to explore more of Poland. Perhaps you also want to go to Warsaw, or take a tour of Auschwitz. Why not see what else you can do whilst you're here?


9. Despite being in Eastern Europe, Poland is only a short flight away, and is popular all year round. If you're looking for somewhere new to play golf, or want to see some culture, then it's well worth a visit.


10. Poland, and Krakow in particular, are becoming more established tourist destinations, and make a change form the usual weekend city break destinations in Western Europe.


This enigmatic and energetic cultural center will enthrall you of its rich history and amazing legends. Krakow is also a UNESCO World Heritage site, with an incredible number of pubs and clubs all over the city. With a Eurail pass, one can readily experience the invigorating combination of sophistication and craze that is Kraków.


History Of Krakow

The first evidence that Kraków existed was around the 7th century, however the earliest reports of the city dates back in 966 when a Sephardic Jewish businessman named Ibrahim ibn Yaqub from Cordova traveled in a town which was a trading capital named Krakwa. During the reign of King Kazimierz Wielke in 1364, Kraków became prominent. The 15th and 16th century was Kraków's golden age, its economic and culture expanded, and later became one of the members of the Hanseatic League. During the early beginnings of 1655 the Swedes invaded the city and in 1795, Kraków became a tailor made private tours krakowdivision of Galicia during the Third Partition of Poland. Under the governance of the Austrians, the citizens of Kraków enjoyed political and cultural freedom, and around the 19th century it became a significant cultural and spiritual centre of Poland.


Things To Do In Krakow

The city's market square, exactly 200 by 200 meters in size, is the largest market square in Europe. Take a stroll around the Royal Route, starting at Florianska Gate, through the St. Mary's Cathedral and Sukiennice, down the ul. Grodzka where the Churches of St. Peter and St. Paul are located. Then visit the Wawel Castle, the city's most famous landmark. Wawel Castle has a lot of enigma hidden behind its fortress, with splendid cathedrals, ancient tombs and tales of the legendary Wawel Dragon. St. Mary's Basilica, with its blue stained windows, altar piece and magnificent ceiling will take you back in time with a trumpet that plays in one of its towers every hour and then stops mid-tune.


Discover the birthplace of Pope John Paul the II in Wadowice, which is 40 km from the city. After the holy site you can pay your respects and offer your prayers at the Oswiecim concentration camp, where millions of souls were tortured and murdered during the Second World War. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Wieliczka Mine was naturally created 15 million years ago. It showcases chambers with several carvings, two underground chapels, and statues that are amazingly made of salt. Get some fresh air and explore the Tatra and Zakopane mountains, is the country's winter capital. Its ski slopes are enjoyable and the Tatra National Park is also the highest peak in Poland.



Silicon chips have reached the limit of their capacity to act as a semi-conductor of electricity. "Silicon Chips" according to MIT Professor of material science, Dr. Wuensch states" Will melt into a puddle" at this rate and diamond is the solution to that problem. A modern computer system in the office will generate heat at [100] degrees celsius, enough to heat a small office on a cold day.


This has prompted scientist to discover a replacement material that can handle more electricity with greater conductivity without over heating. This quest set off a world-wide race to take control of the computer and synthetic diamond industry.


The initial players in this quest are De Beers who controls the most productive and valuable diamond mines on earth located in Botswana S. Africa. And Apollo man made diamonds who produce synthetic laboratory created diamonds in United States


Apollo is owned by a first rate scientist whose dream was to create a better computer power chip..He knew that the ultimate conductor is the diamond itself. Diamond can conduct more electricity without over heating than any material on earth.. He also knew that even the world's best De Beer mine diamonds do not have consistent properties that you can depend on to make computer chips.


Synthetic laboratory created diamonds held the key. A new technology was created called "Chemical Vapor Deposition." This Apollo advanced [CVD] application grew diamond crystals of highest purity without metallic inclusions. These new "Hybrid Synthetic" lab created diamonds were uncovered and reported to De Beers "Diamond Trading Company."


This set off a series of events that compelled the De Beers group to start scientific research of their own. It was a two-fold attack on the [CVD] chemical vapor deposition industry. One was to develop diamond scanning equipment to detect a synthetic diamond entering the market place. De Beers being most resourceful did just that. He launched a "Gem Defensive Program" and developed two state of the art diamond testing machines called, "Diamond Sure and Diamond View."


Events are unfolding and America's largest diamond testing facility, the "Gemological Institute of America has become aware of the Apollo Diamond as a possible threat to the entire natural diamond industry. We should take pause at the magnitude of the economic power sectors at play. We are talking about "Multi-Billion" dollars industries that effect change on a global level.


The [GIA] used their lab diamond testing "Spectroscope," which was state of the art at the time. The began testing the new synthetic stones, one by one. And after each test they discovered the Apollo synthetic lab created diamonds had no visible color spectra or absorption. It passed the natural diamond test! But testing was not over yet. The DeBeers "Gem Defense Program" had applied and was given permission by the [GIA] to also test the new synthetic diamonds with their next generation of "Diamond View and Diamond Sure" testing equipment.


These instruments use a new diamond testing technology called "Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy" [FTIR]. A system that can detect hydrogen related centers that have never be observed in natural diamonds. De Beers did detect [6200-6400] centimeter of hydrogen which is used to make Apollo synthetic lab created diamonds. De Beers was successful at detecting synthetic lab created diamonds. The diamond industry felt relief that the market price would remain stable.


But this was a meaningless exercise. Apollo was only interested in selling gem quality diamonds to fund his diamond computer chip program. His goal from the beginning was to create a " Better Computer Chip." They spent a decade trying to find the "Sweet Spot" where he can duplicate his scientific chemical vapor deposition experiment and reproduce an exact synthetic lab created diamond. After countless years of trial and error, Apollo Diamond pain stakingly persevered and finally found the "Sweet Spot" and was awarded a patent for his efforts.



Ask any medical doctor whether natural penis enlargement programs works, and you would get a thunderous NO. Of course most doctors would tell you that the only method of penis enhancement that work is by undergoing surgery. This is to be expected considering the exorbitant price of penis enlargement surgery. But why is there so much bias against penis enlargement surgery by individuals when surgery is a dangerous and expensive option yet it is the only method recommended by most doctors.


Well I think the reason most uninformed individuals would say that all of natural penis enlargement programs are scams is basically because of the spam emails we receive claiming to add 4 inches to your penis length in as little as 2 weeks. Such advertisement sound absurd, but the sad fact is a large number of men fall for such scams. Imagine a man with an erect penis length of just 4 inches and an erect penis girth of 3 inches. Such individuals are willing to do whatever it takes to get their self esteem as such they fall prey to such fraudsters.


One natural penis enlargement method that seems to trick a lot of men is the use of penis enlargement pills, this is not to say that all of such pills do not actually work. The simplicity of just popping a pill is a quick fix, which most men would prefer to any other method that needs effort on their part. This is similar to the various fat loss pills, which a large number of obese people penis enlargement turkey tend to prefer than the usual method of eating healthy and exercising. Over the years we humans have sort come to trust pills to solve any problem that concerns our bodies, no wonder so many men fall victims for fraudsters.


But is this to say that all other natural penis enlargement methods do not work? Of course not! There are companies offering quality penis enlargement pills but they do not cause enlargement by themselves they only assist in penis growth. So which natural penis enlargement method is actually capable of increasing the size of one's penis? I thought you would never ask?


Ever heard of penis enlargement exercises? These special and dedicated exercises can add a few inches to the length and girth of your penis. One thing to note about penis enlargement exercises is that gains do not come overnight. You need to follow your exercise routine diligently to be able to see results.


Although penis enlargement exercises take time to see results, you can take reduce the time it takes to see gains by almost half when you combine these exercise with a quality penis enlargement pill. Like I said earlier these pills do not cause enlargement on their own. You can liken these pills to supplements that body builders take. Those special supplements work in conjunction with the effort put by these body builders in the gym. Taking these supplements alone would not build muscles. So it is with penis enlargement pills they stimulate blood flow to the penis, heal worn out penile tissues and aid in penis growth.


Before we discuss penis enlargement techniques and methods, let us have a quick look at what the human penis is made up of and how it functions. First of all, it is a complex reproductive organ, which consists of spongy tissues and blood vessels. Erection, alongside with releasing urine and semen, is one of its main functions.


What happens when the erection is going to occur? Under the influence of your brain hormone blood flow to penis increases. Corpora cavernosa, which is in fact a spongy tissue, becomes engorged with blood, thus initiating the erection.


So, you do agree that size is what matters. And you are far from being alone in this issue. Small comfort? Well, there are millions of men looking for best types of drugs, penis enhancement pills, and various penis enlargement exercises just to please their partners and to be proud of their manhood.


In order not to put your man's health at risk, it is advisable to be fully informed of what happens during the enlargement process when different techniques are used.


The essence of the penis enlargement process is like this. A certain amount of stress is applied to the penises, which, in its turn, makes the penile tissues multiply, penis enlargement turkeyexpand, and then grow.


Penile exercises cause gradual stretch of the penis and consequently, they initiate the process of tissue growth. The more tissue, the more blood the penis holds. Therefore, the more blood is flown to the penis, the bigger the size of the penis is.


As we have already said, the penis is a very complex organ, but it is rather adaptable. That is, being introduced to new circumstances, it gets to adjust to them, i.e. it grows bigger and gets harder. The spongy tissues of the penis hold more and more blood, and harder and longer erections are created by the smooth muscles of the penis.


Already tired of theory? Let us get down to some practical tips. What do you think might help to make your penis harder and bigger? - Right, the first thing that springs to mind is penis enlargement pills.


Do thorough research, consult a specialist, read all the reviews, weigh all the advantages and disadvantages before resorting to this or that method. In a word, put your health first. With so many penis enlargement products available on the market, it is not difficult to screw everything up.


Well, back to pills. Some pills contain herbs, others contain chemicals. In fact, penis enlargement pills can do magic, but it is better to combine them with other methods to take effect. If compared with penile surgery, penis enlargement pills seem to be far safer and easier option.


How convenient are penis enlargement pills? Just to be on the safe side, choose natural and organic pills. Natural ingredients, like for example red ginseng, can help you to improve your sexual performance and stamina, pleasing your partner by giving her longer orgasms.


How to choose the best products on the market of penis enlargement pills? When choosing the right product for you, look at the following criteria: The supposed size gain, i.e. how many inches the producers promise to add to your length and girth, ingredients, money-back guarantees.


Surgery is of course, among the most radical methods of male enhancement. This procedure is supposed to add size to your penis, and it is one of the pluses, but on the other hand, risks are too high. Some men are not even put off by the price of 5-thousand dollars to be splashed out on phalloplasty, although many more resort to cheaper and safer alternatives.


Think twice before taking such a serious step. Are you sure that penis enlargement surgery is for you? As you might guess, it is not an overnight process when you come up with a bigger penis the very next day.


It's a different case. You will still have to do exercise on a regular basis to make your penis grow.


Secondly, you have to be aware of the risks. There are plenty of different side effects, and erectile dysfunction is one of the most serious ones. That is why it is better to bear in mind that there are lots of other options to choose from.


So, we have briefly covered the issue of penis enlargement pills and penile surgery, now let us get down to different exercises for penis enlargement. One of the most common one is the so-called milking or jelqing the penis. The main aim of this exercise is to increase your penis in length and in girth. The pluses? - These exercises are relatively cheap and you can really enjoy the results - a bigger and harder penis.


You might have some doubts whether penis enlargement exercises really work. Many men think they do. However, a lot depends on the product or the method that you apply to. Different exercising programs can really lead you to results you have been dreaming about.


If we speak about different penis enlargement gadgets, traction devices are supposed to be the safest among them. What is the mechanism of applying traction devices like? - You apply some traction on your penis, causing it to expand and grow much bigger during the erection. Just half a year - and you can enjoy the maximum effect. Approximately an inch of penis girth and extra three inches of length, isn't it the result any man can wish fervently?


And finally, a few words about pumps. As a rule vacuum pumps remove air that surrounds the penis, thus creating a vacuum and helping the penis become erect. They are used to get and maintain an erection. It should be mentioned that there may occur side effects, like numbness of the penis or bruising.


And last but not least, penis extenders. This device is designed to stretch the penis in order to provide more engorgement. You can wear it up to six hours a day. Penis extenders are supposed to be one of the proven penis enlargement devices. Wearing a penis extender results in permanent penis enlargement and sexual performance, as well as in enhancing your stamina and penis length and girth.



Given the ever increasing high costs associated with workman's compensation payouts and the increased focus on increasing worker safety in today's workplace, I find it puzzling that some companies still insist on using mechanical dock levelers at their shipping and receiving docks in lieu of hydraulic units. In Europe, where worker safety has been a mantra for the past 20 years or more, more than 95% of the levelers in use today are hydraulic. However, in the US, mechanical dock levelers still account for more than 50% of all new leveler sales year after year.


Simply put, hydraulic levelers outperform mechanical levelers hands down in regards to ease of use which in turn helps to decrease user accidents and injuries. All hydraulic dock levelers sold today now come standard with a central main lifting cylinder that is equipped with either an external or internal velocity fuse system that keeps the leveler from falling should a truck pull away from the dock prematurely.


Mechanical units simply do not have this feature. Instead they rely on mechanical fall-safe legs that work best only if they have been properly maintained and when the dock leveler in a raised above dock position. In some documented cases where a truck has left the dock prematurely where a mechanical leveler was in use, the safety legs have been reported to some times not engage dock levellers quickly enough to prevent the board from crashing to the bottom of the pits. These incidents have resulted in both minor and major injuries to some employees and even in some recorded deaths.


Another problem with mechanical levelers is that they are known to be prone to a condition called "Stump Out". "Stump Out" occurs when a trailer bed is below dock height, which means that the safety legs on a mechanical leveler are in a retracted position to allow the leveler board to fall below the dock so that the board lip can make contact with the truck bed. When a truck is being loaded or unloaded, the weight of the fork truck can cause the truck's suspension to rise and fall thus lifting and lowering the dock board as well as the truck rises and falls. "Stump Out" occurs when the truck rises to a sufficient height that causes the fall safety legs of the dock board to engage thus causing the lip of the dock board to rise above the truck bed.


When this happens, the fork truck driver, must maneuver his fork truck off of the leveler, raise the leveler manually, and push the safety legs back again so that the dock board lip again rests upon the truck bed. Dealing with "Stump Out" not only poses safety issues for the fork lift driver, but also promotes potential damage to the fork truck's tires and the dock board lip should the driver not notice that "Stump Out" has occurred and thus backs his fork truck into the raised dock board lip. While some manufacturers of mechanical dock levelers do offer self-retracting fall safe legs as an option, these still need to be maintained properly to work properly, and simply stated, they are still not as reliable at keeping workers safe as the hydraulic levelers which employ the velocity fuse as part of their system.