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About 9, 14, 00, 000 results showed up when I searched for a black leather jacket on google. In the age of the internet, sharing your selling space online with others can be overwhelming. It is a race to be the first in line in a world where consumers have hundreds of options to choose from. That's where online marketing comes in and makes a difference. The idea is simple, more visits to your website increase the chance of converting potential leads to sales.

If you are trying to increase the traffic on your site, you may have come across these terms, SEO and PPC. This article will help you understand the basic differences between the two, for you to determine which approach fits your business best.

SEO stands for 'search engine optimization', in simple words, increasing your website's visibility in order to get more visits from potential customers through natural or organic searches. This could be done in a lot of ways, for example: improving keyword, cluster and voice searchability or bettering website content, speed and interface etc. Whereas, PPC (Pay Per Click) is a service where a fee is charged by the Search engine providers (Google, Bing, etc), whenever anyone clicks on the ad that takes them to your website.

Since my objective is to create a basic understanding, I have divided my points into 3 major factors, cost, time and effort, and hope it will help you choose the right way to marketize your business.

Cost - In any business, the money will always be one of the most important factors that affect almost every decision you take. In the SEO model, traffic is generated through clicks on organic or natural searches, which are free. So, if SEO is done the right way it can bring your business in front of target consumers without any expenditure. However, in the PPC model, every click comes with a cost. Which means you need to optimize your ad searches in a way that unwanted traffic is minimised and traffic of potential leads to your website is maximised.

Time - You need to choose between quantity and quality. If your goal is to increase traffic as fast as possible, then PPC may be a better option. With the SEO approach traffic is more relevant than PPC, however, you need to be really patient for it to give you the desired traffic volume for the business. SEO is reliable, but, a long-term process. It takes time for you to optimize your website and make your way to the top.

Effort - SEO is an ongoing process and you would need an expert digital agency or a specialized team to constantly track and manage change for consistency in the flow of traffic. However, in a PPC campaign, you can rely on ads to give you continuous traffic with less intervention. PPC gives you an advantage over SEO, as organic search results come after the ads.

In conclusion with the above information, I think we now understand that there is no simple answer when we talk about the topic, SEO Services VS PPC Services. One should consider all factors involved when deciding which approach is better for your business growth. Which mode of marketing would you choose to go with SEO or PPC or both?

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