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New developments in machine learning and algorithms have made advertisements more personalised than ever. Gone are the days of newspaper and radio advertisements. Google has enabled businesses and brands with the technology to target audiences that are specifically looking for their product. Our experts at 88gravity, a leading Google Ads agency, shed their insight on this enticing new feature.


How has Google changed the Search Platform?

The feature, Discover, was introduced by Google to provide a new way of searching. Instead of the simple search bar that requires a specific input, they introduced & Discover, which had three fundamental shifts in search behaviour.


Firstly, users wouldn’t have to rely on the input of queries to see results. Based on previous searches, the Discover feed would automatically suggest similar things based on its machine learning algorithms. Thus, Google successfully shifted from answers to the whole journey. A second major feature was the introduction of visually appealing information, instead of mere text from the search bar. Alongside, the toggle option of &

more/less was introduced, letting users remove/add content that appeals to them using machine learning to further tailor the feed as per tastes and specifications.


This amazing new platform is a boon for advertisers. It provides a large, new pool of potential prospects for them to target.


What are Google Discovery Ads?

Google Discovery ads are visual ads that appear in multiple Google feed environments such as the Discover platform, home feed of Gmail and YouTube. The advertisements are based on user activity on videos watched, map searches, past site visitation, and app downloads. Google uses these same inputs to conduct its In-Market audience targeting.


Google Discovery Ads have changed the focus for advertisers from targeting searches/intent to an audience first method. The activity from multiple platforms such as YouTube, Gmail and Discover are clubbed together to find ads, which was previously done on social networks. Thus, targeting is done by utilizing the behavioural buckets of information in their display campaigns.


Reasons to Use Google Discovery Ads

88gravity is a foremost Google Ads agency that caters to businesses in all niches. Our capable and skilled team of digital marketers suggest using Google Discovery Ads for many reasons. We’ve listed some of them down for you for the most hassle-free read.


1. Machine learning algorithms gives the most optimized Google Discovery ads

When advertisers go to set up Discovery ads, they are faced with many attractive options to pull in customers. It can be a combination of images, logo, headlines, URL landing pages and description. From there, Google will use machine learning to serve the best combinations of your input data to your prospects. This process of automation not only gives you the best number of prospects but saves a load of time. The algorithms are also designed to increase the click-through rate (CTR) of your ad campaign. This opportunity by Google Discovery Ads is advantageous to advertisers. Google’s algorithm maintains the privacy standards, all while showing the most click-worthy ads that are creative and messaging.


2. Google Discovery Ads create an immersive experience for prospective customers

With different categories like Shopping, Display and more, the advertiser can show appealing images that tell visual stories in their advertisements. As a Google Ads agency, we can vouch for the efficiency of this tactic. Customers are pulled in this interactive experience. With the help of tangible images about product/service, the lead conversion ratio of prospects is increased dramatically. Google takes the help of data to pull, engage and convert the leads into customers for you. You have the option of adding images, logos, up to five headlines and descriptions in the visual sphere.


3. Google Discovery ads & reach is even further than the Discover platform

Google has made one thing clear; the 800 million global users of Discover will have access to Discovery ads. This untapped potential is a piece of heaven for advertisers looking to expand their reach. This is because Google has extended the advertising feature beyond Discover platform. The Google Discovery ads are seen in Gmail’s social and promotions tabs and YouTube’s mobile home feed. Imagine the possible pool of prospects that you’ll be able to reach with this multi-channel targeting!


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4. With Discovery Campaigns, Google provides Advanced Audience Targeting

To run a Google Discovery Ad, you’ll need to create a Discovery campaign. It’s no reason to fret, Google has made the layout pretty user friendly. After selecting your campaign type – there is plenty of options – you just need to add the creative inputs. The optimization and delivery across the multiple channels are all taken care of by Google.


Doesn’t Google Discovery Ads look remarkable? The mere opportunity that Google gives to advertisers worldwide to tell visual stories to fuel brand awareness is phenomenal. Even after an ad is run, our experts at Google ads agency, 88gravity, always recommend follow-ups. We measure the performance of a campaign across device platforms. Based on the data, we make minor tweaks to further optimize advertisements for maximum conversion results.


As the leading Google Ads agency, we are ready to kick off this hyper-tailored campaign for your brand or business. Whether you’re familiar with cross-platform advertising or a newbie, this is an 88gravity promise – your goals will be accomplished.


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Navigating Google Ads campaigns can be a daunting task without proper guidance. Spending hours on the platform every single day to grow your business isn’t an option. Make no mistake, it is a highly efficient PPC platforms that can drive the most efficient conversion in search network advertising. With the help of the right Google Ads agency, your Google Ads campaign can be optimized to bring in highest revenue and sales.

Our team of experts have compiled an indispensable list of Google Ads strategies and tricks that you can implement for the best return on investment. In the paid search space, the content of text ads can make or break the success of the advertisement. Here are 5 essential tips for optimizing your Google Ads campaigns to the next level.

1. Automated Bidding

The Google platform offers a brilliant automation feature that can make the management of an advertising campaign quite simple. With automated bidding, you don’t need to figure out the right bids manually. Manual bidding coupled with the high competition for advertising space can make the entire process very trifling. With the help of this Google ads strategy of automated bidding, your lives can become a lot easier and campaigns a lot more profitable.

At an experienced Google Ads agency like 88gravity, we help you to increase visibility in search results, clicks, conversions, and lead retention. Automated bid strategies rely on machine learning technologies so they learn as they go. They use the information from an existing bid’s performance to inform future bids for better performance. Also, choosing the right bid strategy lets you reach your goal faster. Whether your goal is to get a specific return on ad spend (ROAS), decreasing cost per acquisition (CPA) or something else, the right bidding strategy is essential. You can have a look into the variety of Smart Bidding strategies available from Google Ads.

2. Increase Negative Keyword Lists

A good Google Ads agency will always recommend increasing the number of negative keywords in advertisements. At least, our adroit experts at 88gravity do so. It is estimated that Google processes over 6 million keywords every day. Implementing a useful Google Ads strategy such as this can make you stand out. A tried and tested method of cost reduction and steady improvement in results is using negative keywords. By negative keywords, we mean the actual phrases that people type in the Google search bar to make your advertisement appear. By continuously monitoring and adding onto your negative keyword lists, these benefits can be utilised. You can exclude keywords that aren’t a good match for your product or service. This Google Ads strategy not only saves a ton of money, but also time.

3. Create Tightly Themed Keyword Groups

Keywords help your Google Ad appear in the most efficient way possible. Proper keyword research from both public and private sources like web analytics should be done so that the advertisement targets the most appropriate audience. From these, we recommend creating groups based on the keywords that are currently driving the most traffic and conversions. As a Google Ads agency, 88gravity experts have verified this method because it helps to prioritize actions as you move forward. Along with the groups, the keywords are also sorted according to the theme, what actual words are typed in Google search bar. Another tip we suggest is that while writing keywords, a good Google ads strategy is to keep it a mixture of different types. Some can be phrases, broad terms and exact match types. This way of thinking targets multiple search groups altogether.

4. Pause Keywords with Poor Performance

There can be any number of reasons why your advertisement is performing poorly, despite using many Google Ads strategies. Your keywords could be irrelevant, or you might be bidding too low or high. Whatever the reason may be, these keywords with poor performance should be investigated. At 88gravity, a leading Google Ads agency, we suggest our clients to let us look into all the reasons for poor performance before killing a metric. We try to improve the landing page, or reduce broad keywords. Ultimately if the cost stays high and overall sales are low, you may decide to kill the keyword by pausing it, instead of deleting it. As an experienced Google Ads agency, we recommend this path because after deletion, the overall Quality Score of your advertisement can go low. You can always access the poor keyword data for paused keywords but you can’t do so for removed ones. Hence, the more data you have, the better informed your decisions can be. This Google Ads strategy of blanketing the poor performance keywords is fantastic. It’s now more important than ever to never remove and always pause.

5. Personalize Your Ad Extensions

While simply displaying ads are great at showcasing your product and reaching people, there are other Google Ads strategies that you can use. Our team at 88gravity, a Google Ads agency advocates the use of Ad extensions. These extensions are additional information that can be included in your ads to draw people’s attention on those ads further. With this Google Ads strategy, your business is bound to get increased clicks on your ads and make them choose your business over your competitors.

You can add call extensions that display a telephone number to call your business directly from your ads without having to visit your landing page. Another Google Ads strategy here is to add a review extension. These display review and rating extensions that give your product/business a reputable backing. Lastly, price extensions can also be added for an enticing discount offer to lure in customers.

We hope that these Google Ads strategies for optimizing your Ads campaign comes in handy. As experts from a Google Ads agency, we guarantee that these tips will improve the click-through rates of your next Ad campaign. Make sure to follow our blog for other exciting and useful guides and blogs.


Source URL: https://88gravity.com/google-ads-strategies-to-optimize-google-ads/