WOW TBC Claissic: A look back at the expansions in the game with their own charms from AnneBullock's blog

World of Warcraft has a 17-year history, and over the years, the MMO has appeared in nine different versions. For its original version, the game team added new expansions to the game every two years on average. Numerous new areas, quests, and potential apocalyptic threats are introduced into the game with each new expansion release, changing the World of Warcraft landscape forever.

But while some of these WOW TBC Gold expansions have earned their rightful place in World of Warcraft history, others have fallen by the wayside.

For example, while Battle for Azeroth was ridiculed by players for its lack of mid-season expansion content, its expansion spanned two years, and its release and final patch provided players with an engaging questline and complementary instance content.

Battle for Azeroth went through some stereotypes in the mid-game, but it picked up in the final moments of patch 8.3. Not only does it have a solid experience, it also expands the open world content of WOW in Kul Tiras and Zandalar, including older areas like Uldum and the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. And, the game team worked hard to create one of the most immersive hardcore experiences in gaming history for the BfA's infamous Azeroth title. The back end of Battle for Azeroth provides an opportunity for players who want to prove themselves in WOW's various playthroughs.

And, the first edition of World of Warcraft laid the groundwork not only for World of Warcraft, but even for the entire MMO genre. While Blizzard outdid itself with later expansions, WOW Classic is still good enough to be re-released, and it's even on par with some MMOs with more modern designs.

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