Diablo 2 Resurrected: Patch 2.4 includes some positive skill changes from AnneBullock's blog

According to the patch notes, some emerging builds have been spotted, including a quick overview of the class changes and a big improvement in everything javelin and spear skills involved so far. Fenn, in particular, had a very positive change.

The spear skill tree has been greatly improved with the dodge and evasion changes, while the plasma javelin and poison javelin are roughly the same, both good.

Also, the barbarian's battle cry has been improved. For some people who really want to change their Diablo 2 Resurrected Runes character, the extra magic damage is not there. And for the jump attack, it's not the strongest, but it's very interesting. It's the same as double magic, the base damage that can be dealt by piercing has been increased, which is a positive change.

The reduced mana cost of Frostbolt and Rocket is a nice buff that makes it more powerful. While you can further increase the damage ratio with strafing, it's about 5% per level, maybe 10%. If you have good gear, you can have a good clearance rate.

Multiplayer multishot lets strafing start with a fixed damage, if you want to go further, maybe all the arrows in that sphere have a chance instead of just the two in the middle, which makes for something really interesting. For example, Atmos scarabs can take amp damage more often.

In this section, the changes they made to martial arts have been greatly improved and are now easier to hit. The attack rating has been increased, plus the dragon finisher when using the finisher, which guarantees a very reasonable cast with all costs, with some great builds.

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