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Diablo 2 is still a popular ARPG game, and even though it's been released for over 20 years, it still has an active gaming community. The popularity of the game and the many highly replayable contents gave birth to Diablo 2 Resurrected. Although there were some issues with this version, it was still a very successful remake overall.

The creators of D2R have long suggested adding new content to the game, and some of this has come to fruition with the release of Patch 2.4. The patch focuses on balancing the game, and Buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Items promises new rune words and a competitive ladder mode.

And you don't have to worry about your favorite build being nerfed at all. Instead of nerfing the good parts, the developers have boosted the bad parts, which will help add variety to the final game build.

Up to 7 new rune words have been added to the game, including Plague, a rune that reduces enemies' resistance to poison, and a chance to summon a poison nova spell on attack, which is great for building poison weapons. Said it was very good. Obsession, another very interesting rune, but it is difficult to assemble, but the reward is rich.

The rebalanced mercenaries are also important content, you will no longer be forced to use the mercenaries from Chapter 2. In addition, Horadric Cube also has a new formula, you can try many new ideas.

For players who want to test out new content, there is a public beta area where you can easily enter the PTR unless your account is banned.

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