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New World achieved great success in the first week, and it attracted close to 1 million players in the first weekend. But due to its popularity, many robots are currently flooded in the game. They appeared to collect more game tokens and then sell them to players.

This time the Amazon New World Coins robots are very groundbreaking for New World, because their activities are fishing. And they are especially set up to catch rare fish. They are especially suitable for fishing activities because they can predict whether the fish they will catch are rare. If they are about to catch ordinary fish, they will immediately retract the fishing rod.

These fishing robots are everywhere now, which is really annoying. Therefore, some players did not wait for the game official to solve the problem, they chose to do it themselves with the help of nature. The players contributed to the birth of a classic strategy: they drag enemy creatures into the robot's range, and since these robots only care about fishing, the wild boar will kill the robot slowly and completely at the same time.

At present, many robots engaged in mining and other activities are mainly focused on catching rare fish. However, fishing is indeed a very profitable RPG New World Coins thing. Therefore, there are already many robots in the game making money through fishing. For whether they will have any impact on New World's game economy, this requires us to wait for a while.

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