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The subway station scene in Squid Game was reproduced on the island of Animal Crossing: New Horizons under the creativity of a player.

Squid Game is a popular Netflix series. The islander rebuilt the subway station that appeared in the first episode of the TV series. The actor Gong Yoo plays the mysterious man presiding over the game, while the desperate participant Seong Gi-hun is Buy Animal Crossing Bells played by Lee Jung-jae.

In this scene, Gong Yoo walks to Lee Jung-jae and asks him if he wants to play the Ddakji game. This is a game where players need to flip their opponent's cards by throwing their own cards at the opponent's cards.

If you have watched Squid Game, then you must know that this is not an easy task for Seong Gi-hun, the protagonist of the TV series. He was slapped many times while playing this game. This also led to Seong Gi-hun participating in the deadly Squid Game.

The operation of the islander made the train station look very close to reality, and the two characters dressed exactly the same as the characters in the TV series. The creator used different reactions in the game to pose two islanders. It would be even more interesting if even the slap movement can be perfectly restored.

It's not the first time video game fans have combined Squid Game with their favorite game. A large number of Roblox players also reproduced other iconic scenes of Squid Game in the game. During this period, there were also factors that made this Netflix very popular after it was released. Squid Game has been at the top of the streaming charts after it was released a few weeks ago, and it is expected to become the biggest show in Netflix's Nook Miles Tickets history.

These islands based on TV shows are really eye-catching, and Animal Crossing is really a game that can become very interesting with a little creativity.

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