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Animal Crossing players shared some cool art works on the Internet today, in which they performed a realistic interpretation of the characters in the game.

These pictures featuring realistic interpretations of Animal Crossing characters can be added to the unconventional art works in New Horizons, and the lovely 3D models of the Animal Crossing Nook series earlier this year are equally delightful.

Over the years, Animal Crossing has attracted great enthusiasm from players. It is a casual game series that accepts the love of fans from different groups of people. Animal Crossing: New Horizons, born in 2020, has rekindled the enthusiasm of players for this series of games, and it has also spawned a lot of fan art and countless in-game creations. The creation mechanism of Animal Crossing provides a very attractive experience for many players.

A Redditor and Tik Tok user with a creative tendency has released a series of impressive portrait paintings. Many of the characters in Animal Crossing appear in his works. In his works, he did not continue to remix the anthropomorphic images of these characters, but chose to reimagine them as real animals in the real world as a contrast. He created a comfortable and peaceful background to depict them. In his works, we can see other icons of Animal Crossing, such as the sky-bound balloon Animal Crossing NMT presents.

He gave these works a unique and complex appearance, as well as a sense of lively energy. It will be very interesting to see how these artists deal with the personal portraits of the characters in the game, and the combination composition they choose is also full of vitality and fun.

Animal Crossing has done a good job in terms of community and sharing. Social features such as the photo mode in New Horizons can prove this point. At the same time, this can also be seen in the carefully created fan art. These artists have further increased the enthusiasm of the players in the community. Because many players may be excited by seeing these paintings. And this has a good appreciation for anyone who loves art.

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