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NBA 2K22 has recently undergone an update, a next generation with some quick fixes based on the 1.5 patch notes.

The latest updates of NBA 2K22 have been released on PS5 and Xbox Seriers X/S. Taking its size as a 2K22 MT reference, there are not many obvious major changes. The download size on PS5 is only 301.8MB, while the download size on Xbox is currently unknown. But considering the size of NBA 2K22, the content of this update is relatively small. Although 2K called this update New Gen Patch Update 1.5. However, this update is version 1.006 on PS5 and version on Xbox Series.

At present, the complete patch notes for the latest NBA 2K22 update have been announced through 2K. 2K said it will continue to improve the player’s user experience and other stability of the game.

This update fixes the problem that City/Rec/Pro-Am/W Online will be disconnected at the beginning or end of the game. It also solves the problem of MyCareer saving and loading the wrong code in the city. In addition, when players re-enter the city from inside buildings such as apartments or Event Center, the loading speed has also been improved. The frame rate for navigating the city on the Xbox Series has also been improved. In MyNBA, the traditional broadcast video recorder can now also continue to be used, and the problem of MyNBA Online saving overwriting other pre-existing saves has also been fixed. Gym Rat and On-Court Coach badges are now correctly applied to all badges loading. At the same time, the speed of the player before falling into or passing through the first line of the crowd through momentum is increased. Finally, when the player approaches the quest NPC, DJ Booths will no longer allow tipping.

However, these attempts to improve the stability of the game seem to have encountered obstacles on the PS 5. After the update of NBA 2K22 on PS5, MyTeam had an error and caused a crash. So although 2K hopes that this update can reduce some NBA 2K22 MT problems, it seems that the opposite is true on PS5. It is still unknown whether the same problem has occurred on Xbox Series X/S. But MyTeam card seems to have been lost on PS5.

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