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The Thunder Manifestation exists as a new electronic version of Oceanid in Genshin Impact. Players cannot walk into its Genshin Impact Account Buy territory and fight with it at the same time.

Players will currently discover new puzzles and tasks in the new Inazuma Islands. Two new bosses and some new materials have been added to the 2.1 update, Thunder Manifestation is one of the new bosses. Its elements are entirely made of electricity, so it is completely immune to electricity damage. Whether it is defeating Thunder Manifestation or unlocking the prerequisite ability to fight it, it is very tricky. To enter the Boss room, players first need to upgrade Kujou Sara and Baal through the dropped ascension materials. During this period, a lot of battles are inevitable.

The location of Thunder Manifestation is on one of the two new islands of Inazuma in the 2.1 update. Its nest is located in the southeast of the island where Inazuma City is located, right in the center of the Seirai Island mainland. You can find The Electro Oceanid at Amakumo Peak. Thunder Manifestation differs from Hydro Hypostatsis and many other bosses in that players first need to complete a task chain before entering Thunder Manifestation. Around the three tops is a lightning barrier called the Balethunder effect, which prevents players from entering unless the player breaks the seal. And behind this huge lightning storm, the Electro boss was locked there. Players must obtain the Inazuma: The Islands of Thunder and Eternity-Series II Achievement and complete all parts of the Seirai Stormchasers world mission chain.

To start the first of this world mission, the player has to go to the Waverider Waypoint located north of Amakumo Peak. Before the player reaches the island, a lady named Eiko will appear on the island east of Koseki Village. The player will start the mission chain by talking to her. After the mission is completed, the peak will be unlocked and the Balethunder effect will also be blocked. Remove. In addition, this quest chain will be relatively long and a bit complicated, so if you want to complete it, you can find some videos posted by Genshin Impact Account for sale players who are working on this quest chain or have completed this quest chain, which may be simpler and more straightforward.

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