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In the MMORPG world, name reservation is a well-known practice. While it works for most games, it doesn't seem to be the case for Lost Ark.

Lost Ark, an MMORPG that was hugely popular in Korea, is coming to Europe on February 11.

In the Korean version of the game, there are no less than 22 subclasses, but the Western version only gets 15 of them at launch. However, the developers also suggest that additional classes can be added over time, which is both good and bad news for you. Because, you're going to face a problem if you're going to create a character to keep the name and remove it after adding the required class to the game.

If you've played other MMORPGs, you probably know that some players create characters to reserve names, and when the prospective class is added to the game, they delete those reserved characters in preparation for the creation of new ones. However, in Lost Ark, this doesn't seem to work.

According to the developers, this operation is ineffective for Lost Ark. Because when a character is deleted, its name is not automatically released. A manual reset must be initiated to unlock the name, and the frequency of doing so is currently unknown to the public. So, you don't have to reserve names for future classes at Lost Ark. The best names are likely to go to the fastest players.

One possible solution to this problem is to create a character of the desired archetype without subclassing it. However, this solution has the disadvantage that you will not be able to change the appearance or voice of the character. Whether such an exchange is worthwhile is entirely up to your free will.

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