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In Asia, Lost Ark is already a large game with millions of players, but for people in the West, it is still a brand new MMO. Many players have expressed their willingness to try this game during the recent testing phase. In this game, players will be based in a fantasy world, Arkesia, where they, as heroes, will fight against the evil demon army.

Since Lost Ark has been released in Korea for a long time, you can see a lot of related information on the Internet. However, the process of localization and adaptation of its Western version will still take some time. You can enjoy the game on February 11.

Lost Ark is an action-type MMORPG. Its gameplay may feel a lot like Diablo 3, but if you compare it with Path of Exile, it may be better because it follows a free model. There are a variety of professions to choose from in the game, and each profession is good at different fighting styles. You can explore seven continents in the game and face various enemies and bosses. You can fight the giant beasts with other players and share the fun. Moreover, the game has the ultimate movie-level picture, which will give you a very good visual experience.

Although you don't need to spend money to buy Lost Ark Gold, its developer Smilegate will set up a shop where you can buy adventurer crates with equipment, additional character slots and more. In addition, you can get exclusive cosmetics, boosters and in-game cash by purchasing multiple founder packs.

They are divided into bronze, silver, gold and Cheap Lost Ark Gold platinum founder packs. The higher the price of the founder pack you buy, the more rewards you can get.

Also, by the way. If you are currently experiencing this excellent MMO in Japan, South Korea and Russia, and you lack Lost Ark Gold, you can go to MMOWTS to buy some for use. Or, if you want to create your own character in a Western server in the future, you can also keep an eye on MMOWTS. MMOWTS is a professional gaming token supplier, it provides players with the safest and cheapest Lost Ark Gold!

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