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World of Warcraft has always been regarded as one of the most classic and playable MMORPG games. As an old game produced in the early 2000s, it has not been abandoned by players. So far, there are still many players active in the game, whether it is TBC or Classic.

This article will give you some advice on how to gain WOW TBC Gold experience for your character in WOW TBC Classic and reach the highest level as soon as possible.

Just like any other RPG game, you need to understand how control works and how to protect yourself. So, over time, it will become easier for you to survive random encounters.

In addition, when you have been playing World of Warcraft for a few hours, you may know where you can train your characters in each area. At the same time, you will also learn when to move to other locations and look for more challenging enemies. The game will show that each enemy has its assigned level, so if you stay in the same position for a long time, the monster may be easier to defeat.

However, if you arrive at the new map, you may find yourself too challenging to face powerful enemies. This is also like a hint from the developer that this new area is currently too dangerous for you. Therefore, you need to get more levels or more powerful TBC items on the previous map.

If you walk around in the world of Azeroth and sum up your experience, you may come to a conclusion about which regions and which enemies are the easiest for you to gain more upgrade experience.

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