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After New World's very successful release and weeks of uncertainty, its reviews and number of players are not in the best condition.

The MMO New World released by Amazon Studio was a huge success. According to Steam data, the number of players in New World exceeded 700,000 on the first New World Coins day, which also caused players to queue up if they wanted to enter the server. A few days later, New World ushered in its historical peak, with more than 910,000 players entering the game. If the number of people and community participation in New World were frozen at that time, the situation of Amazon's release might be somewhat different.

However, players quickly discovered design issues that prevented them from playing the game the way they really wanted. However, the fascinating PVP faction wars and interesting PVE, as well as expeditions and a large amount of collection and production, all continue this fun. The real reason for the spread of negative emotions in the community and the decrease in the number of players is the replication barriers of New World and the ensuing economic disasters. This has triggered a series of events, resulting in a decrease in communication between developers and players. More distrust. However, the game team has actively solved these problems, and players who want to join the game can still create an account to experience the game.

Although the state of New World after its release is very good, it is clear that it does not seem to be perfectly prepared for the release. New World has imposed a large number of bans on cheaters and exploiters, and most of them are permanent. Players are pleased with the reopening of communication when developers share future game plans. They made a lot of hype around the release of the "Into the Void" update in November. This update is designed to introduce a large number of enemies and new New World Coins Buy weapons, as well as fix problems and solve emergencies.

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