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New World Showcases Incredible Musket Kills in PvP

Amazon Game Studios' New World has only been out for a little over a month now, but that's long enough for the players to figure out the best combinations in the game in terms of equipment and skills. For example, many were quick to discover that even if Light Armor in New World is appealing due to the 20% bonus damage it provides, Heavy Armor's high defenses are too good to use anything else. Another rather fast discovery was that Onyx gems are overall very valuable in all activities when it comes to armor, as they further reduce the amount of Physical Damage taken by players.To get more news about buy new world coins, you can visit official website.

As for the weapon meta itself, a few options have been dominating most others thanks to their very powerful kits. An example comes from New World's Hatchet, which is the only weapon in the game to grant access to a passive skill that prevents death once every three minutes, as well as high damage skills and an extremely potent buff in the form of Berserk. The same holds true for Great Axes, which can deal massive amounts of damage while also providing decent buffs and utility skills, as well as self-healing.
Dexterity weapons are not considered to be as good in New World, however, because of how little damage they deal compared to Strength weapons and the fact that they are focused on mobile playstyles. However, a Reddit user by the name of Zybak shared a clip of them defeating two opponents in PvP with their Musket, which is shown dealing impressive damage to enemy players. The player uses a combination of Musket skills to help deal more damage to the enemies, such as Shooter's Stance and Powder Burn, which can deal insane damage to unaware opponents.

While the post gained a lot of traction, the community also noticed that the enemies are not trying to avoid the shots or run in unpredictable patterns, nor they are healing themselves after taking damage. Still, the running pattern could depend on the fact that they didn't see the shooter, thus could not avoid their shots, whereas the healing is only something one could do with Life Staffs or potions, but there are cooldowns to consider.

Like the case of a New World player killing over 1,000 boars to test Luck demonstrates, however, not every tiny bit of information is as widespread within the community as one would think. As such, it's possible that the enemy players were not using Onyx gems nor Heavy Armor because their build was a different one.

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