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New World's Changes With the November 2021 Patch Explained

Several players lost faith in the MMO New World in the wake of duplication glitches that inflated the in-game economy. Players trying anything to get rich in video games is not new, but what made the issues in New World so severe is that exploiters duplicated everything they could, lowering the prices of anything crafted or gathered legitimately. Not only that, the economy was shut down several times because New World's trading posts and wealth transfers had to be disabled to stop the glitches from spreading.To get more news about buy new world coins, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Players have been vocal on platforms like Reddit and the official forums for a long time now, and it seems Amazon Game Studios has been listening. After a brief testing period on the official PTR for New World, Amazon released a full November patch alongside major changes to most of the game's mechanics and features, effectively reshaping the MMO into a better experience. The new update features interesting sets of buffs and nerfs for all of New World weapons, as well as more quality-of-life improvements for players across the board.
Among the most noteworthy general changes, New World players will now enjoy a 10 percent boost to their movement speed while sprinting on roads, which will make for a much quicker journey across Aeternum for those who have to visit different settlements for quests. Furthermore, all players will now benefit from a 10 percent Luck bonus and 30 percent Gathering Luck bonus whenever they are flagged for PvP, which is a way to promote a high-risk, high-reward playstyle and incentivize duels and skirmish between Factions. Both these changes will make the experience more enjoyable for crafters and gatherers, even though there is no point in running or fast traveling between settlements now that all of New World's trading posts are linked.

Another great change is that there will now be more enemy types in New World, which has always been one of the community's biggest gripes and why some players left when they hit the endgame. The same principle applied to quests, which often felt repetitive to a certain degree, but that is changing with the November update.

A few main quests have now been reworked into something different, while quests in general take advantage of mechanics that make them more unique and interactive such as players encountering waves of enemies or some items being destructible. Finally, this patch also introduces the Void Gauntlet, which is a new weapon archetype.

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