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Blizzard launched Diablo II: Resurrected in September, which is a remake of the classic ARPG hack and slash game. It was originally released on the computer 20 years ago.

The remastered version encountered some problems at the beginning of its release, but most players can still access the online mode, hone levels, and access their own D2 Resurrected Gold character archives. But Blizzard ended all this in the past week due to unknown reasons, and many players are trying to log in to the game. Some people even lost their role archives due to continuous server outages.

Blizzard has released patches and fixes to try to correct this situation, but there are still many players experiencing the same problem. This issue has now become the focus of social media. The hashtag #RefundD2R has attracted a lot of attention. Some players have returned their digital copies of the game from the console. But for people who buy games directly from Blizzard, this is impossible.

Players sometimes need to try seven to eight times when logging in to access their archives.

Blizzard said that the server interruption in the game is not caused by a single problem, so they are actively solving each problem, and they have developed mitigation solutions and long-term architectural changes. It also means that any loss caused by a server crash should be limited to a few minutes. They are working hard to improve the player's gaming experience, and the overall root cause is also under investigation.

A small number of players seem to have experienced loss of character progress due to server problems, which is desperate and angry for anyone. Because this means that maybe their efforts of the day or within a few hours will be wasted. However, although Diablo 2: Resurrected's current server problems are bothering players, it is essentially an ARPG game worth playing. Hope that Blizzard can adjust the server login problem as soon as possible, and play the current state of the game well to bring players a better gaming Diablo 2 Resurrected Items experience.

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