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If you want to know how to collect saltpeter in New World, then this article may help you.

First, before starting to search for saltpeter nodes, players need to have and equip a usable mining pickaxe. Because saltpeter nodes are difficult to mine at any time, players can choose to use 0 mining skills and the lowest level of mining options. And if there are nodes available nearby, players can still collect the Amazon New World Coins items they need.

If for some reason, the player has not equipped any mining picks. Then you can use a flint and a green wood to make a flint mining pickaxe in almost any campfire.

In addition, almost everything in the game can be found at every clearing trading booth. However, supply and market prices are constantly changing. If players often make gunpowder, the player market will become a scarce source of saltpeter, which can be used as a backup source.

Secondly, the best choice is actually to find the precious saltpetre node. If the player is lucky enough, they can find some saltpetre every time they harvest. This can be achieved in any type of cave. So players can go to find caves, animal dens, mines and other places they can think of. These scarce nodes look like a small pile of light-colored, salted rocks. They protrude from the ground. Don't miss these saltpeter resources. If you are nearby, you will definitely find them conspicuous.

If you can harvest about 6 saltpeters at a time from each node, then this is a good harvest. But it is worth noting that you must collect every node you see, because there may only be two or three nodes in one place, and their rebirth speed is not so fast. So if you want to get a lot of saltpeter in one trip, the player may need to search several different caves.

Because the gunpowder formula only requires one saltpeter at a time, the player does not need to collect this raw material frequently all the time. Of course, if the player is to sell in large quantities at the trade booth, then of course it is another matter. Or, the firing gun is the player's main New World Coins weapon. In this case, it is necessary to collect enough saltpeter resources frequently.

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