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It’s been a while since the 2.1 update, so you might be looking for something new to do. I think you might want to know how to start Spectral Secrets in Genshin Impact. The premise is that if you have sealed the Warding Stones and unlocked Electro Oceanid, and then you also finished fishing, then you can start the Spectral Secrets event.

This is a limited time event that earns rewards based on the player's success. However, players still have to meet some Genshin Impact Accounts requirements to start it.

The Spectral Secrets event ends on September 26th. The basic condition to start this acquisition is that the player's adventure level has reached level 30 and the Escape from Ritou quest has been completed. If you have completed these two requirements, then you can go to the Adventurer's Guild and talk to Catherine. She will ask you to investigate more and more incidents involving eyewitnesses to Specters. After accepting this mission, you can access the Spectral Secrets event, and then you can dispatch characters in various expeditions. Moreover, you can get more detailed information when you choose a task, including the recommended elements and the number of people required.

If you succeed, you will be rewarded according to the ranking next to each expedition. If it is S, you will get the highest reward. When the task is harder, it takes longer. In addition, it is worth noting that there are only four expeditions per day, so you must choose carefully.

In addition, if players want to participate in the S rank expedition, they need to first go to the corresponding area for investigation. You can click the'Conduct Preliminary Investigation' button and it will display a map with markers indicating where the player needs to go. After arriving in this area, look for Thunder Sakura Bough. Next, summon an Electrogranum to activate the three stone pedestals. Because they are relatively small, they may be difficult to spot at first, but they are not very far away. After these three stone pedestals are activated, the player also needs to fight Specters. After all this is completed, the preliminary investigation is completed. After that, Buy Genshin Impact Accounts return to the Adventurer's Guild, and you can dispatch the team S Rank Expedition.

The above is the description of how to participate in and conduct the Spectral Secrets Event, thank you for browsing. In addition, if you want to buy Genshin Impact Accounts, you can visit MMOWTS. MMOWTS will provide players with cheap and reliable Genshin Impact Accounts. Maybe you also need new five-star characters and weapons? You can buy them at MMOWTS.

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