Genshin Impact: The first player with an adventure level of 60 has appeared from AnneBullock's blog

A short BiliBili video of a Chinese player was uploaded to Youtube by a user to show off their great achievements. This player has Buy Genshin Impact Accounts reached the peak of his adventure level in just over two weeks before the first anniversary of Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact may run for more than 5 years, so miHoYo may increase the adventure ranking in the future, but the current peak is 60.

Old players of Genshin Impact can tell you that once the player's level reaches 55, the upgrade progress will become very slow, because the required experience directly multiplies. For example, if a player has not missed any daily missions, activities, or mission adventure level XP since the game was released, then he should now reach level 58 adventure, which is hundreds of thousands of XP short of level 60.

So why did this player rise to level 60 so quickly? Maximizing their daily Resin refresh is the main source of their extra experience points, so they avoid most players from clearing more domains and bosses. You can also earn extra XP by completing the daily randomly generated time in the world, hunting up to 10 Unusual Hilichurl per day in multiplayer games, and completing cooperative activities. Most of the player’s XP must come from purchasing additional resin.

So what will the player get after reaching level 60? The answer is nothing special. Only some Primogems, some wishes and some weapons and character enhancement materials. Moreover, any adventure XP obtained after this will be converted into Mora. This seems to increase Mora's reward, but is this reward very worthwhile? not at all. But for some players, these rewards are not that important, they treat this as a Genshin Impact Accounts race more than rewards.

If you want to reach the top level of level 60, you must consume a lot of game time. This also reflects the players' love for Genshin Impact. In addition, when it comes to game time, if you are usually busy at work and don't have much time to log in to the game to collect Primogems or characters, you can solve this problem by choosing MMOWTS. MMOWTS has not provided Geshin Impact players with discounted Genshin Impact Accounts and a single five-star character or weapon for a long time. If you have any thoughts on this, you are welcome to visit MMOWTS.

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