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The battery, the "heart" of a vape devices, is a particularly important part of the vape, and it is fair to say that the way you use your vape will change with the battery. Criteria for choosing a battery include "functionality" and "visuals. In addition, the amount of vapor produced is also important. In this article, we will show you how to choose a battery and which products are safe to use after purchase.

How do I activate a vape battery?

It is also important to know how the battery is activated: a vape battery has a part that contains the battery to power the unit. There are two types of batteries: rechargeable (built-in) and replaceable (battery-powered). The features of the two types are explained below.

Rechargeable type

When batteries are rechargeable, there is no need to replace them. This saves time and effort in stocking batteries, etc. On the other hand, the batteries must be recharged regularly. On the other hand, the battery must be recharged regularly. Although rechargeable battery vapes are compact and convenient, it is important to keep in mind the life of the batteries. The most common method of charging is to connect to USB.

Battery-powered vape

Battery-powered batteries, which must be replaced frequently, are also attractive for their ability to manipulate high-power output. However, regular batteries have a "protection circuit" that limits their output. Without obtaining dedicated batteries, the advantages of battery-powered batteries cannot be taken advantage of. Special batteries are available at specialty stores and mail-order websites, so check them out.

How to choose a vape battery

There are many variations of batteries. If you are not familiar with the features of each battery, you may have a hard time deciding which one to choose. When buying a battery, in addition to preference, compatibility with other parts of the vape is also crucial. In this paragraph, we will show you how to choose a battery.

Matching the atomizer

The part that has a strong relationship with the battery is the atomizer. The atomizer is the part that converts liquid into vapor. Since the battery is connected to the atomizer, it will not function properly if the combination is not right. First, make sure to choose the right atomizer. Buy an atomizer of your choice and then prepare a battery that matches the standard.

At this point, the two most important things to pay attention to are the diameter of the connection and the atomizer. Most products have a 510 connection and a 22mm diameter, so you should be able to find a battery that fits your needs. You can check the specifications in stores, on the official website, or by mail order. Check the size of the connection and diameter in the "Product Specifications" section.

Select by safety

Since batteries are parts that generate heat, safety should be taken into consideration. Technical mods are slightly less dangerous than mechanical mods. In addition, give preference to products with CE marking or RoHS certification, which is proof that the product is manufactured safely in the Western countries. If you insist on a mechanical mod, learn Ohm's law, which will be discussed later.

Choose by battery type

Whether the battery is built-in or replaceable is also important. If you are a beginner, rechargeable batteries are easier to use. With rechargeable batteries, you do not have to choose your own batteries. If you choose a replaceable type, you will have to search for a special battery, and then you will have to narrow down the type of battery you want. If you still prefer a replaceable battery, then find out more about how to use lithium batteries and use them.

Precautions for using vape batteries

Vape is not without risk. It is a product that requires caution because it handles power at high output. If you are unaware of how to properly use the battery, you are asking for trouble. In the paragraphs that follow, we will show you three precautions that are often mistaken. And be sure to read the "Precautions for Use" before using a vape.

Be careful when charging

A USB cable is used to charge the vape from vape factory. However, be vigilant when using your phone's AC adapter. This is because the majority of vape batteries are 5V1A compatible. On the other hand, it is not uncommon for smartphone adapters to not include vapes in their scope of use. Charging with a different adapter can cause the battery to fail or, in extreme cases, explode, not only damaging the vape, but also creating a risk of harm to the user himself. When buying a charger, it is wise to use a dedicated charger whenever possible.

Be careful not to use too much power

Always consider power when using a vape. Specifically, there are two types of power limits: the maximum power that can be used continuously and the maximum power that can be released instantaneously. These values can be confirmed by checking the official website or the sales website. And if you try to operate the vape beyond these maximum values, the current will short-circuit, causing an explosion. To continue to use your vape safely, be aware of "Ohm's Law".

Ohm's Law is the formula "voltage = current x resistance. For example, suppose that the continuous discharge is 20A, the maximum discharge is 60A, the capacity is 2500mA, and the normal voltage is listed as 3.7V. At this time, if the resistance is 0.185Ω, Ohm's law is satisfied, and there will be no problem with current flow.

Be careful when the battery generates heat

After continued use of the vape, the battery may begin to heat up. At this time, do not underestimate the situation. Indeed, due to the construction of the vape, heat will be transferred to the battery. This is because the system is designed to energize the battery and then apply an electric heating wire to the coils to vaporize the liquid. However, the battery is usually cooled by pauses. If the battery is continuously smoked, the atomizer and coils will not cool down, so they will continue to heat up. It is safe to avoid continuous vaping when using a vape, and to allow time after each use to make sure that the heat has cooled before resuming operation.

In Canada, the smoking population has been declining for three consecutive years. On the other hand, the heated cigarette market is growing steadily. Although VAPEs are marketed as a product similar to heated cigarettes, many people are not familiar with them in detail. In this article, we will introduce basic information about vapes and recommended products for those who are interested in vaping or want to start.

What is Vape

A vape is a product that is similar to and different from conventional cigarettes. Although the composition of putting gas into the lungs and exhaling it remains the same, the details are different. In the first paragraph, we will explain the basic information about vape.

What is a VAPE?

To begin with, the most distinctive feature of a vape is that it is not smoke, but rather "vapor. One of the reasons why vape vaping has become so popular is because of its safety. Because they do not use any fire, there is no need to worry about burns, and the risk of fire is low. In addition, the risk of fire is also reduced. In addition, vapes do not produce tar and other harmful substances, so the effects on health are reduced. It is a great advantage to be able to enjoy vaping while taking care of one's health, without becoming dependent on it.

Another point that is attracting attention is the diversity of flavors. By changing flavors, you can add variations to the aroma and taste, which increases the enjoyment. For this reason, not only those who smoke to reduce or quit smoking, but also those who use them for relaxation. Many international celebrities, including Hollywood celebrities, are also vape users. They are also gaining popularity as a fashion item and are used in a wide range of scenes.

How is it different from a heated cigarette?

Heated cigarettes are products that are very similar to VAPEs. They are easy to mistake in appearance, and many people confuse the two. However, it is important to note that they are strictly different products with different specifications. First, heated cigarettes are items that have become famous with the success of IQOS and other products by different vape factory. A special stick is provided, which is attached to a capsule and then heated to emit vapor. Tobacco leaves are used in heated cigarettes, giving them a distinctive aroma. Like conventional cigarettes, nicotine is also emitted when smoking. Furthermore, there is little variation in design.

A vape, on the other hand, overheats the built-in coil and vaporizes the liquid that has soaked into the cotton. The vapor is then inhaled. Some liquids contain nicotine, while others do not, depending on the user's preference. The advantage is that you can create your own unique vape by combining nicotine or not, aroma, etc. Vape is also loved by people who have never smoked regular cigarettes.

How is a vape smoked?

The appeal of a vape is that it can be smoked in different ways according to the user's tastes. First, when you want to enjoy the taste of the liquid to your heart's content, a method called "ML (mouth to lung)" is used. The literal translation is "mouth to lungs," meaning that the vapor is initially stored in the mouth. ML is the same way to smoke as a cigarette, and the taste of the liquid spreads in the mouth.

On the other hand, some people may prefer to enjoy inhaling and exhaling the smoke. In that case, the "DL (Direct Lung)" method is chosen. Meaning "directly into the lungs," DL actively sends the smoke into the lungs with little or no smoke in the mouth. It is characterized by inhaling as if taking a deep breath; DL has a way of inhaling that is matched by the device. The best part of vaping is trying to find the best way to inhale each flavor of liquid.

A vape is made up of a combination of several parts. By customizing each part, the function of the vape can be adjusted. The ability to create an original vape is one of the reasons why vapes are so popular among users. From here, we will explain the names of the parts and the roles they play.

Vape battery mod

First of all, the mod, or battery, is the engine of the vape, and plays a particularly important role among all the parts.

Shapes and characteristics of mods

There are various types of vape mods. First, the "box type" is a mod that contains an electronic control board. The output and smoke can be adjusted according to the atomizer to be installed. It also has an LCD panel that allows you to quickly check various data. It is very convenient because you can always see the output, battery level, coil resistance, etc.

The next type is called "stick, PEN, or dispoable vape type. The stick type is the most recommended type, and Liberty Flights' DOT is also a stick type. The stick type can be used while refilling with liquid. You can choose from the liquid type for full flavor variation or the cartridge type for easy replacement. In addition, the POD type is easy to replace the entire body when you have finished smoking. In addition, the "pen type" is more convenient to carry than the box type because of its reasonable size. It is also more satisfying to smoke than the stick type. The all-in-one (AIO) type, which integrates an atomizer and battery, is also gaining popularity.

And the "POD type" combines the tank, coil, cotton, and drip tip, called a POD, which corresponds to an atomizer, into a single unit. The POD type eliminates the need to change coils, and replacing the POD is not complicated. This type has become mainstream in recent years and is recommended for beginners and enthusiasts alike.

Technical Mod and Mechanical Mod

Mods can also be classified into "technical mods" and "mechanical mods. First, technical mods have a beginner-friendly structure. It has an electronic control function and automatically calculates the resistance value. As a result, the ideal current flows, so it can be used without in-depth knowledge. Technical mods with LCDs are visually convenient.

On the other hand, mechanical mods are for intermediate to advanced users who are somewhat familiar with vaping. Since they do not have a control board, they do not have electronic control functions. Since the only function is to energize the device, it is important to learn Ohm's law when using a mechanical mod. Furthermore, voltage and power cannot be controlled in detail. When you start vaping, you should start with a technical mod.

Atomizers that produce vape vapor

When it comes time to enjoy vaping, the "atomizer" is the most important part that directly affects the comfort of using a vape device. The atomizer is the part that produces vapor. The atomizer controls the amount of vapor produced. The atomizer also determines whether or not the original flavor of the liquid can be extracted. There are many different types of atomizers, so the criteria for choosing the right one will depend on how you smoke. Choose carefully, keeping in mind your own preferences. The following is a detailed description of atomizers.

Homemade coils and ready-made coils

The coil is an important part of the heating process in a vape. When an electric current flows through the coil, heat is transferred to the liquid soaked in the wick. The liquid then vaporizes and turns into vapor with flavor and aroma. The lower the resistance, the more current flows through the coil. The higher the current, the more liquid vaporizes, the more vapor is produced, and the lighter the flavor will be. In other words, the taste of the vape depends on how well the coil current can be regulated. There are two types of coils: ready-made units with pre-installed wicks, and buildable coils that you can wind yourself, such as RDAs and RTAs. The build type is suitable for intermediate to advanced vapers, while beginners who are not yet familiar with vaping are advised to choose ready-made coil units.


The part of the vape that stores liquid is called the "atomizer. The tanks that are easy to use, even for beginners, are made of clear "Pyrex glass," which not only allows you to immediately see the amount of liquid remaining, but also allows you to fill it with various types of liquid. It is also highly safe because it does not break easily and does not tarnish. In addition, there are various types of atomizers, including those that are designed to be filled with liquid from the bottom and those that are designed to be filled with liquid from the top of the atomizer. The liquid can be injected even when the battery is connected to the atomizer, making it easy to handle. If you are a beginner, give preference to a type that allows liquid injection from the top.

Smoke volume can be adjusted by airflow

The vape's smoking comfort depends on the amount of smoke it produces. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to "airflow". Airflow is the part that creates airflow. It is indispensable for adjusting preferences, from those who want to inhale a lot to those who want to suppress smoke. However, it is a disadvantage that it can easily cause leakage problems. Therefore, beginners should look for a "top airflow" vape. This is because the airflow at the top is less likely to leak and allows for a more relaxed smoking experience.

Drip tips that are fun to use

The part of the vape that acts as the mouthpiece is called the "drip tip. Drip tips come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the one you choose will affect how comfortable it is to smoke. For example, a short drip tip will directly convey the vapor temperature. On the other hand, a long one will feel somewhat low-pitched. In addition, the width of the inner diameter is also important. If it is narrow, the flavor will be richer, and if it is thick, it will seem thinner. Drip tips are described by standards such as "510" and "810". When choosing a drip tip, check the standard of your atomizer and then find the right type. By changing the drip tip, you can change the flavor of your liquid without spending a lot of money, and you will have more fun if you use several different drip tips instead of just one.