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In Canada, the smoking population has been declining for three consecutive years. On the other hand, the heated cigarette market is growing steadily. Although VAPEs are marketed as a product similar to heated cigarettes, many people are not familiar with them in detail. In this article, we will introduce basic information about vapes and recommended products for those who are interested in vaping or want to start.

What is Vape

A vape is a product that is similar to and different from conventional cigarettes. Although the composition of putting gas into the lungs and exhaling it remains the same, the details are different. In the first paragraph, we will explain the basic information about vape.

What is a VAPE?

To begin with, the most distinctive feature of a vape is that it is not smoke, but rather "vapor. One of the reasons why vape vaping has become so popular is because of its safety. Because they do not use any fire, there is no need to worry about burns, and the risk of fire is low. In addition, the risk of fire is also reduced. In addition, vapes do not produce tar and other harmful substances, so the effects on health are reduced. It is a great advantage to be able to enjoy vaping while taking care of one's health, without becoming dependent on it.

Another point that is attracting attention is the diversity of flavors. By changing flavors, you can add variations to the aroma and taste, which increases the enjoyment. For this reason, not only those who smoke to reduce or quit smoking, but also those who use them for relaxation. Many international celebrities, including Hollywood celebrities, are also vape users. They are also gaining popularity as a fashion item and are used in a wide range of scenes.

How is it different from a heated cigarette?

Heated cigarettes are products that are very similar to VAPEs. They are easy to mistake in appearance, and many people confuse the two. However, it is important to note that they are strictly different products with different specifications. First, heated cigarettes are items that have become famous with the success of IQOS and other products by different vape factory. A special stick is provided, which is attached to a capsule and then heated to emit vapor. Tobacco leaves are used in heated cigarettes, giving them a distinctive aroma. Like conventional cigarettes, nicotine is also emitted when smoking. Furthermore, there is little variation in design.

A vape, on the other hand, overheats the built-in coil and vaporizes the liquid that has soaked into the cotton. The vapor is then inhaled. Some liquids contain nicotine, while others do not, depending on the user's preference. The advantage is that you can create your own unique vape by combining nicotine or not, aroma, etc. Vape is also loved by people who have never smoked regular cigarettes.

How is a vape smoked?

The appeal of a vape is that it can be smoked in different ways according to the user's tastes. First, when you want to enjoy the taste of the liquid to your heart's content, a method called "ML (mouth to lung)" is used. The literal translation is "mouth to lungs," meaning that the vapor is initially stored in the mouth. ML is the same way to smoke as a cigarette, and the taste of the liquid spreads in the mouth.

On the other hand, some people may prefer to enjoy inhaling and exhaling the smoke. In that case, the "DL (Direct Lung)" method is chosen. Meaning "directly into the lungs," DL actively sends the smoke into the lungs with little or no smoke in the mouth. It is characterized by inhaling as if taking a deep breath; DL has a way of inhaling that is matched by the device. The best part of vaping is trying to find the best way to inhale each flavor of liquid.

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