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There are many famous and best astrologers in India. However, it is always a good idea to look for the information before selecting a renowned astrologer. This is to ensure that the person is trustworthy and has a track record of providing high quality services to their clients. In addition, it is important to find a renowned astrologer who can help you with your problems With Share :  Astrologer In Jodhpur, Best Astrologer In Indore, Best Astrologer In Delhi, Best Astrologer In Jodhpur,  Best Astrologer In Mumbai, astrologer shrimali ,Shrimali astrologer, Astrologer In Delhi, astrologer In Mumbai,Best Astrologer In Delhi NCR



Rajeshshrimaliis a world-renowned astrologer, who specialises in Vedic astrology, marriage astrology, business astrology, legal astrology, procreation astrology, and education astrology. With a vast knowledge in astrology, he helps his clients with his precise forecasts. In addition to providing in-depth astrological analysis, he also provides remedies for different business, marriage, and legal issues.

Rajeshshrimalihas won prestigious awards for his contributions to astrology. These include International Jyotish Ratna Award 2021 and Global Best Astrologer Award 2022.

Rajeshshrimalihas earned recognition from several leading news agencies, as he is recognized as one of the top astrologers in India. His clients appreciate his honesty and integrity. This makes him the most trusted astrologer in India.


Rajeshshrimaliis a prominent astrologer and a world renowned jyotishi. He has 40 years of experience in the field of astrology. His specialization lies in the field of spiritual astrology. He has a great knowledge of Vedic astrology and has a deep understanding of the real world.

He has made many accurate forecasts and predictions on various matters. Some of his predictions include political events, sports events, social events and even severe weather conditions.

The famous Indian astrologer has a huge clientele, including celebrities and corporate figures. He is known for his precise forecasts, in-depth knowledge, and vast experience.


Rajeshshrimaliis considered as one of the best and famous astrologers in India. He belongs to a renowned Andhra Brahmin family. The famous astrologer is known for his accuracy in predicting various important events in the world. His predictions have ranged from international crises to severe weather.

A graduate of the IIT-Roorkee, he has written articles in both Times of India and Gulf News. He has also hosted a radio show in Dubai. This astrologer is famous for his accurate predictions on love problems and marriages.

Rajeshshrimalihas a special interest in Hindu astrology. He has over 50,000 horoscopes collected and has a vast experience in making astrological predictions. As a counselor at the Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, he conducts Vedic astrology courses for over 4,000 people every year.

Dr. Arun Bansal

The best astrologer in India, Dr. Arun Bansal has been a leading name in the world of astrology and Vastu for decades. His expert knowledge in these fields has been recognized at all levels. He has been lauded for his efforts in reviving Astrology and Vastu in India. Moreover, he is the chairman of the Future Point, a company that provides a comprehensive range of services related to Astrology and Vastu.

He has an impressive four decades of experience in this field. This has enabled him to provide expert advice and guidance to the masses. As a result, he has been able to garner the respect of millions of people all over the world.

Dr. Trimayasha

Astrology is a science that has taken the world by surprise for centuries. It's a science that reveals how people's actions affect their lives. The science focuses on spirituality, law, economics, and relationships.

Some of the astrology tools used include the zodiac and the planetary alignment. These are tools that can help astrologers get to the root of a person's problems. In addition, gemstones can affect a person's health, and they can be beneficial or detrimental. However, the effects of gems are difficult to predict.

There are several astrologers in India who have received awards and recognition for their work. Among them are Dr. Hemant Barua and Dr. Sundeep.

Dr. Sundeep Kochar

If you are interested in finding out more about astrology and want to know what your future holds, you may want to check out Dr. Sundeep Kochar.

As an internationally renowned celebrity astrologer, he has helped many people achieve their dreams and goals. He has also mentored many organizations and individuals.

Since he began practicing astrology, he has gained experience and is now able to give precise astrological predictions. His logical and practical approach enables him to help others. He believes that a positive approach to life is necessary to reach your true potential.

For the past seventeen years, he has guided millions of people from all over the world. Through his guidance, many people have experienced success, prosperity, happiness, and health.

Everyday, a variety of cases are emerging from all states across the country and the anxiety over this terrifying illness is starting to show among people as per the famous astrologer from India. In addition it is also the case that there have been massive climate changes that can be observed across the globe over the last few years. Due to these changes, individuals tend to develop illnesses like colds, coughs as well as flu, fever etc . in any weather condition.

Relation of Planets & Health Problems in Astrology:

If you too have these issues, and you aren't able to eliminate the disease, despite years of efforts or if a family member is constantly sick and again, the reasons behind these issues is as well planets and their related illnesses, as well as the climate change. Today by using this blog, we'll reveal that according to astrology, which illness is more likely to be caused by the planet Dosha.

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Planets and Diseases that are associated with them:

Since every planet has an impact on various aspects life, so from a health point of the horizon, each world and its changes brought into it will have an immediate impact on our overall health. Let's consider astrology as a way of understanding what planets can contribute to what kind of problem for the person concerned: Astrologer In Jodhpur, Best Astrologer In Indore, Best Astrologer In Delhi


Sun-Borne Diseases:

Sun's position can cause physical discomfort to people, such as inflammation, bile, skin abdominal ailments and a decrease in immunity neurologic disease the eye, coronary disease leprosy, bone disease brain disease, blood diseases epilepsy, etc. If someone is suffering from any illness or issue among them, it could result from the location of the Sun found in the birth chart.

Moon-Borne Diseases:

Any condition that is linked to the lungs and heart sleepiness, left eye, or that is related to sleep asthma, diarrhoea anaemia, blood disorders vomiting and emotional stress, kidney disease dropy, diabetes, appendix, cough disease oral teeth nose, jaundice, depression, and heart issues come from Moon within a person through an eye of most astrologer of the best who is based in Kolkata.

Mercury-Borne Diseases:

According to Phaldeepika, an individual is more likely to be prone to issues caused by chest diseases and nasal nerves. itching, fever and typhoid. It can also cause madness or paralysis of any part or body part, epilepsy ulcers, indigestion, oral diseases, any kind of skin disease, hysteria dizziness, pneumonia, strange stammering, fever, jaundice or mumps, chickenpox weakening of the nerves, diseases of the tongue and teeth, or other issues affecting the brain caused by Mercury.

Mars-Borne Diseases:

The major issues from Mars are heat-related illness such as toxic disease ulcer, leprosy itching, heat rashes blood or blood pressure-related illnesses neck and throat diseases and urinary diseases, tumor cancer, piles wounds, loose movements or accidental bleeding, cutting off a stripe pattern, etc.

Venus-Borne Diseases:

According to Astrology, Venus gives diseases related to eyes, genital illness and urinary tract diseases venereal disease, epilepsy and indigestion. It also causes throat diseases sexual dysfunction, impotence, hormone-related disorders, illnesses resulting from jaundice, narcotics infertility, semen-related and skin-related diseases.

Jupiter-Borne Disease:

Anyone can be affected by any illness that is related to the kidneys, livers, spleens or any other ear-related condition jaundice, diabetes, memory loss, or any other issue associated with tongue, calf diseases, hepatic jaundice, marrow defects and obesity, dental disease and brain disorders because of Jupiter.

Saturn-Borne Diseases:

One can experience physical weakening, body pain, stomach pain and foot or knee discomfort, pain in the skin or teeth, disease fracture, muscle disease as well as deafness, paralysis asthma, cough and indigestion, as well as nervous disorders and more due to Saturn. If someone suffers from any of these ailments the location in the birth chart of Saturn on the chart of birth could be observed for this.

There are many who say that the bad things that happen in our lives are due to negative planetary positions within the birth chart/horoscope. We wonder what the reason God has chosen to give birth to us and what makes a person choose to be born to a family whose members suffer the sufferings of life, while others are born have the silver spoon Many people speak about a bad Horoscope, weak or weak planets in the horoscope, for issues in their lives, and many boast about their high-grade or positive planets. We spoke with the Dr. Vinay Bajrangi- one of the most Astrologers in India. He debunked a myriad of myths about the horoscopes of the past. Can a horoscope good or bad ? What do you do if your negative horoscope appears? What can you do about the negative planets that are in the Horoscope? Here's the summation of his advice to a commoner's perspective. , Best Astrologer In Jodhpur,  Best Astrologer In Mumbai, astrologer shrimali ,Shrimali astrologer

n. Q. Can any Horoscope be considered positive or negative?

DVB It's completely incorrect. A horoscope is not just positive or negative. It is as simple as that can be described as: it's a mix and summary of planets can be found when born on a specific location or date, time and date. The bad planets in a horoscope are the result of your karmas from prior birth(s) However, God has granted the gift of "free will" in the current life to counteract the negative effects. The same way, good planets in your chart of your birth are the outcome of your positive actions in earlier lives. However, the any misuse or abuse of "free will" can vaporize any positive effect. The planets' positions in Horoscopes don't indicate their destinations solely. I've observed that while several planets are exalted in horoscopes of people however, they haven't done anything that is so impressive. In fact I've also observed that despite the fact that numerous planets are in debilitation in horoscopes they have not done anything particularly negative. This shows that the planets that are exalted do not guarantee a person having a 100 percent chance of success throughout their life. However the planets that are in bad alignment aren't accountable for people's mistakes or failures throughout their lives.

Through my blog posts and videos I have clarified numerous times that Horoscopes' planets are placed in accordance with the position in their Lagnesh. It doesn't necessarily mean that planets remain in exalted status. But a strong Lagnesh could indeed cause other planets to display its results in accordance with its wishes.

According to astrology, Bhavat-Bhavam is an amazing thing by itself. It is a basic Parashari rulethat states the strength of planets is dependent on the house within which they're placed. For instance, the sun is the power of the sign of Leo. However, it isn't considered to be beneficial for the house it is in when it is associated with the sign of Capricorn.

Venus located in Libra could not be beneficial to Taurus as well. Venus placed in Taurus might not be beneficial for Libra. This is due to the fact that the relationship between Taurus to Libra is the sixth-eighth (Shadasthak to each other).

Mars located in Aries might not be beneficial to Scorpio as well, as there is a connection that is Shadasthak.

Jupiter is exalted when it moves to eight houses away from Sagittarius This is again Shadasthak.

The above-mentioned interpretations derived of the Bhavat Bhavam could be a challenge for anyone who studies astrology, because some of the theories that are astrology-related remain unsubstantiated. Certain rules I mentioned previously and a few things that are beyond the comprehension of most people can have opposite results as what they meant.

Q- How can I minimize the negative consequences on planets?

DVB - The evil Doshas or spots on people's Horoscopes do not mean their own curse. In fact, people can leverage them to benefit. Doshas that frighten them the most could help them get out of tough situations.

However I'd like to shed the mystery of some myths before I divulge the secret of the sages.

  • It's not just people' horoscopes which can be accountable for Doshas. Every Horoscope can have a negative impact and it is on the individual to either activate or deactivate it.

  • An experienced astrologer that can detect negativity Doshas or yogas within people's horoscopes will offer them remedial solutions.

  • People should remember that they are able to overcome negative yogas that are present in their horoscopes by performing positive acts (positive yogas).

  • The past lives of people determine their current horoscopes. The faulty karma of a person is only rectified through doing good acts. Through good actions the way they live their lives will change in a positive direction.

  • People should not attempt to stifle the negative Doshas that are present in their horoscopes by taking corrective measures. Even even if they succeed but the negative aspects are bound to surface in a more horrific manner. In the Brahma's Karma Law, persons have to be repentant for each negative act.

  • Let us look at a tiny instance: not being respectful of the elders and donating to the cause during Pitra Paksha is not enough to calm the Pitra Dosha.

From the theories mentioned above it is clear that the best method to rid yourself of suffering is to do Karma assessment and correction.

Q - How can the best yogas in a horoscope benefit us?

DVB I'd like to tell you about one of the most successful cases I've ever dealt with in my entire life. A person of a certain age visited my office, carrying his son's Horoscope. The father told me his son was forty-years old and has little to earn a living. He also said that he'd shown his son's horoscope to a variety of experts in astrology, and they all said the same thing: the boy would shine like the pole star. The horoscope of his son was an astrological masterpiece. The majority all his planets appeared to be elevated or in their signs. He began to experience dasha/journey of the exalted Lagnesh at the age of 24. However, he was not active and relied on his family, who brought into the house from rent. Astrologers claimed to have discovered some amazing information about him, however they were all untrue. Their findings may are as follows:

  • He'll be able to get an excellent education and be a competent person. However, he was unable to take on his studies following the 12th grade and was passed with three attempts.

  • He'll start his own business , which will grow. However, nothing has happened as such. He tried his hand at several businesses, but failed in all of them.

  • He'll be a prosperous man, and will help others to achieve their goals. However, he was an utter failure and relied on the help of others.

  • While the planets were placed correctly in his horoscopes but he did not shine.

Doshas that are scary in the horoscope aren't always harmful

I'd like to present another instance where a woman came in with her son's birth chart to find out some forecasts about the future of her child. Initially, I was reluctant to accept her request since I don't look at the horoscopes of kids younger than twelve years old. Despite repeated requests to do so, I agreed. She was extremely sad as Numerous astrologers predicted negative attitudes towards her child. The planetary alignment that her son has is the following: Astrologer In Jodhpur, Best Astrologer In Indore, Best Astrologer In Delhi


  • The baby was born at Moola Nakshatra.

  • A majority of his planets were affected.

  • A few yogas were found in his the horoscope. In this yoga was Balaristha.

  • Numerous astrologers also pointed out the premature death of the child.

  • If he did survive and lived to see the end of his days, he'd only be able to the smallest of things in his life , and be a burden on the shoulders of his siblings and parents on their shoulders.

  • The mother of the child also carried out various rituals to please the gods however she was not happy.

Even with all of these I assured her the child she gave birth to would live long and be an accomplished man in the future. I didn't ask her to follow any rituals. Instead, I provided her with an outline of time, in which I recorded the progress of her child. I also requested her to communicate with me at least every two years to let me know if things were going according to the recommendations of my.

A lot of people are drawn to this field due to the fact that it's fun , but there are additional benefits as well. By studying your horoscope, and understanding the moon's phases, as well as the direction of the moon it will allow you to discover more about yourself, and see your potential to its fullest extent. Astrology is a powerful method to boost your self-esteem. In the event that you're an Astrologer in Jodhpur You can make use of Jodhpur to use it correctly.

The moon's phases, as well as the constellations of the zodiac that you're born under can affect the personality of your character. Understanding your birth chart with the advice of an Astrologer in Indore will enable you to identify your weaknesses, strengths, and opportunities to make the most of your talents and let the power of cosmic physics assist you to reach your objectives.

How can you improve your performance in a world that doesn't allow you to identify who you really are? If you seek the assistance of an experienced Astrologer in Delhi you might think you're doing great, but many people are far from what they truly are and aren't aware of who they're. Astrology can assist with discerning the best traits of your personality, reveal the talents to your character, recognize emotional states, and help in identifying new opportunities.

The world can seem chaotic and overwhelming. If you're feeling in a state of overwhelm, feel powerless or even paralyzed Astrology could give you the sense of being in control. You'll begin to notice patterns and patterns across the universe as you study your birth chart and discover the entire field of Astrology. The calm you experience will help you achieve your goals. The Best astrologer in Mumbai is available for you.

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