Everyday, a variety of cases are emerging from all states across the country and the anxiety over this terrifying illness is starting to show among people as per the famous astrologer from India. In addition it is also the case that there have been massive climate changes that can be observed across the globe over the last few years. Due to these changes, individuals tend to develop illnesses like colds, coughs as well as flu, fever etc . in any weather condition.

Relation of Planets & Health Problems in Astrology:

If you too have these issues, and you aren't able to eliminate the disease, despite years of efforts or if a family member is constantly sick and again, the reasons behind these issues is as well planets and their related illnesses, as well as the climate change. Today by using this blog, we'll reveal that according to astrology, which illness is more likely to be caused by the planet Dosha.

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Planets and Diseases that are associated with them:

Since every planet has an impact on various aspects life, so from a health point of the horizon, each world and its changes brought into it will have an immediate impact on our overall health. Let's consider astrology as a way of understanding what planets can contribute to what kind of problem for the person concerned: Astrologer In Jodhpur, Best Astrologer In Indore, Best Astrologer In Delhi









Sun-Borne Diseases:

Sun's position can cause physical discomfort to people, such as inflammation, bile, skin abdominal ailments and a decrease in immunity neurologic disease the eye, coronary disease leprosy, bone disease brain disease, blood diseases epilepsy, etc. If someone is suffering from any illness or issue among them, it could result from the location of the Sun found in the birth chart.

Moon-Borne Diseases:

Any condition that is linked to the lungs and heart sleepiness, left eye, or that is related to sleep asthma, diarrhoea anaemia, blood disorders vomiting and emotional stress, kidney disease dropy, diabetes, appendix, cough disease oral teeth nose, jaundice, depression, and heart issues come from Moon within a person through an eye of most astrologer of the best who is based in Kolkata.

Mercury-Borne Diseases:

According to Phaldeepika, an individual is more likely to be prone to issues caused by chest diseases and nasal nerves. itching, fever and typhoid. It can also cause madness or paralysis of any part or body part, epilepsy ulcers, indigestion, oral diseases, any kind of skin disease, hysteria dizziness, pneumonia, strange stammering, fever, jaundice or mumps, chickenpox weakening of the nerves, diseases of the tongue and teeth, or other issues affecting the brain caused by Mercury.

Mars-Borne Diseases:

The major issues from Mars are heat-related illness such as toxic disease ulcer, leprosy itching, heat rashes blood or blood pressure-related illnesses neck and throat diseases and urinary diseases, tumor cancer, piles wounds, loose movements or accidental bleeding, cutting off a stripe pattern, etc.

Venus-Borne Diseases:

According to Astrology, Venus gives diseases related to eyes, genital illness and urinary tract diseases venereal disease, epilepsy and indigestion. It also causes throat diseases sexual dysfunction, impotence, hormone-related disorders, illnesses resulting from jaundice, narcotics infertility, semen-related and skin-related diseases.

Jupiter-Borne Disease:

Anyone can be affected by any illness that is related to the kidneys, livers, spleens or any other ear-related condition jaundice, diabetes, memory loss, or any other issue associated with tongue, calf diseases, hepatic jaundice, marrow defects and obesity, dental disease and brain disorders because of Jupiter.

Saturn-Borne Diseases:

One can experience physical weakening, body pain, stomach pain and foot or knee discomfort, pain in the skin or teeth, disease fracture, muscle disease as well as deafness, paralysis asthma, cough and indigestion, as well as nervous disorders and more due to Saturn. If someone suffers from any of these ailments the location in the birth chart of Saturn on the chart of birth could be observed for this.

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