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Here are the steps for migrating emails from AIT to Office 365 using the IMAP method.

Assign Microsoft 365/ Office 365 licenses to the users who will be migrating from AIT to Office 365.

Navigate to File > Add Account and add an AIT account.

Select “Let me set up my account manually.”

Go to “Advanced options.”

Choose “IMAP service” and set up the AIT account.

Obtain the login details of AIT email users as well as the admin’s credentials in an Excel file in CSV format and enter it in the Microsoft 365 admin center.

In the Exchange admin center, go to Recipients > Migration > More > Migration endpoints to create migration endpoints and add the AIT IMAP server details.

Create migration batches and initiate the migration process.

Update the DNS records to redirect emails to Microsoft 365/ Office 365 mailboxes.

Stop the synchronization between the mailboxes and delete the migration batches from the Exchange admin center.

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Universities hold valuable and influential intellectual property. Depending on the nature of the data stolen, espionage often takes place as a result. Research within medicine and engineering, in particular, can provide valuable insights which can then be used in the following three ways.

1) To understand the developments of a certain subject/project. This data can then be sold to competitors or nation state actors to influence economic, social or political change.

2) Individuals / researchers / departments can be held to ransom in return for their valuable data. Often the process of stopping research can be more costly than the demand made.

3) Researchers can be restricted to access their own data. By making it possible to hide or restrict the users own information, development in a particular field (COVID-19 related research for instance) can be halted.

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