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Somtoblog is a news portal where we provide all kinds of content including football Entertainment. We are somtoblog.com a Nigerian News site.

Somtoblog was born on July 2022. Somtoblog’s covers news, entertainment and football and yes…Gossip yafu yafu.

Our mission is to be a guide that leads the way to the news.

posting good content to our audience has been our aim since July 2022.

Somtoblog.com is an Independent source of  Information.

Our aim is to Collect Information from all the available sources, Symphatise it and explain it in a really Understanding  and friendly manner.

Somtoblog always refer to the Initial source of Information and makes a clear Reference to it, whenever possible.

We put our Audience first by creating Relevant content and good page speed.

We cover the most Trending and Significant topics with an Emphasis on local news to enrich Nigerian’s Everyday Life.