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On September 23, 2021, Diablo 2 Resurrected was released on the most popular major platforms. The developer Blizzard made a promise for the game's playability-they will add new fun to the game through major updates released regularly. Content, repairs and improvements to the game. At the beginning of this year, we may usher in the 2.4 update of Diablo 2 Resurrected.

The most attractive content of the original Diablo 2 is the ladder mechanism, and Diablo 2 Resurrected will introduce a competitive ladder mechanism for the game in patch 2.4. Prior to this, players could only continue to challenge new limits in non-ladder games. Some of them will continue to create new Diablo 2 Resurrected Items characters after the character build takes shape and use these characters to challenge higher levels of difficulty.

The arrival of the ladder will provide players with a brand-new gaming experience. In fact, the seasons in Ladder and Diablo 3 are very similar. After the start of the ladder, you need to create a new character, start the adventure from the level 1 and cannot inherit any items in your inventory. In order to rank higher on the leaderboard, you need to make full use of your rich game experience, constantly challenge higher difficulty, and kill more monsters and bosses.

For other players, the new Runewords that may appear are the most exciting content, because this game has not added new content for more than 10 years. We still cannot know the specific effects of these Runewords, but according to Blizzard's description, these Runewords that have never appeared in the game will change the game pattern to a certain extent. Not only that, but developers are likely to introduce new Horadric Cube recipes for the game. These formulas will greatly enhance the role of the set items, allow those set items to be upgraded and provide effective help for players in the endgame conten.

In addition, the 2.4 update also made some adjustments to the class balance. In order to Buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Items make those skills that are rarely used more attractive, developers will check them and adjust their values ​​and effects. All classes will shine in new ways after the update. For example, the Amazon's Impale and Fend skills look to be getting buffed, as are the Barbarian's throwing skills.

Mercenaries will also be adjusted and improved, so that different classes can get more feasible options. If you are a novice player and are not sure which class is more suitable for you, I recommend you visit MMOWTS and look for some guides, they will help you a lot. If you are an old player who wants to become more powerful, welcome to MMOWTS to buy the Diablo 2 Resurrected Items you want. You can find any Diablo 2 Resurrected Items you need through the search function and buy them directly. MMOWTS provides 24-hour online service, which is worthy of your trust.
Lost Ark currently only opens servers in South Korea, Russia and Japan. Players in Europe and the United States still need to wait for a while. Lost Ark is an MMORPG from South Korea that has been withdrawn as early as 2018. The release of the game in Europe and the United States will be represented by Amazon, which also means that Amazon will master the second MMO besides New World. There is no doubt that Lost Ark will be more popular than New World-in Korea alone, Lost Ark's 2021 summer Lost Ark Gold update has brought more than 250,000 concurrent players to the game.
Many players who have not been exposed to this game and related news may not know what kind of game Lost Ark is.

Simply put, this game is more like a combination of MMO and ARPG. Its design meets the standards of traditional MMOs in many ways, but when you play this game, it feels more like the Korean version of Diablo 2.

The functions and gameplay of this game are very rich, and any player can find what they want in it. You can even create your own island and prevent other players from attacking through a mini game called Clash of Clans in the game.

Are you still not sure about the release date of Lost Ark? In fact, you will be able to play this game from Smilegate RPG in North America, Western Europe, Latin America and Oceania in about a month. Amazon announced this in The Game Awards 2021 last year.

The game is a free MMO that has attracted a large number of players and loyal fans in South Korea, Russia and Japan in recent years. And Amazon will become the agent publisher of the game in Europe and America. Its first trailer is called The Heroes of Arkesia, which attracted the attention of many action game lovers after its debut.
Amazon's first successful game in the game field was New World, which quickly became one of the most popular online games on the Steam platform when it was first released. The main Cheap Lost Ark Gold feature of the game is that players can get a fierce battle system and need to fall down the enemy without the function of locking the target. In addition, the behavior of players in the game will affect economic fluctuations, which makes New World more realistic.

The arrival of Lost Ark will provide a stronger boost to Amazon. When the game is released in many Western countries, Amazon's popularity among the player community will undoubtedly be further improved. Are you ready for the release of Lost Ark? Before that, I suggest you add MMOWTS to your favorites in advance. With the help of MMOWTS, you can buy Lost Ark Gold at the lowest price at any time, with 100% security guarantee.
In World of Warcraft TBC Classic, if you are looking for ways to increase damage to melee units in your team, you must not ignore the fighting chickens of the engineers. These small animals can increase the attack speed of all members of the team by 5% when they tweet, which is equivalent to a direct increase in DPS by 5%. But one problem with fighting chickens is that you can never tell when they crow. A recent post published by players in the gaming community indicates that they have Buy TBC Classic Gold found a solution to this problem and can stack the gain effect of battle crow buff multiple times.

Players playing TBC Classic now have a way to stack battlecrow buff five times for all members of the team, for which they need to trigger slaughter crows in a targeted manner. Compared with the original version of Tempo drums, the effect of buffs stacked five times is much stronger, and the attack speed of all members of the team can be directly increased by a quarter. This was unimaginable in the past.

Of course, you need to pay some price for this powerful buff. First of all, before the buff stack is completed, all members of the team need to wait in place. In addition, the battle crow often does not appear correctly in the logs, so that it is difficult to filter out players who are targeting this strategy. Nevertheless, it has become the first choice for all teams challenging raids in Outland. Buff can greatly reduce the time required for the player to kill the boss.

Blizzard has provided a solution to this problem, if you usually pay attention to the details of the game, you may find some changes.
First of all, players who re-enter the game after logging out will not be able to retain the TBC Classic Gold effect of battle crows, because a hotfix about fighting chickens has been released before. Otherwise, players can even stack dozens of buffs by this method to cause more damage. Directly limiting the number of stacks of buffs seems to be a more effective way, but the developers say that implementing such restrictive changes is not good for the development of the game. They will evaluate the situation after the hotfix takes effect, and if restrictive changes are really necessary, they will make further adjustments.
In addition, fighting chickens and Tempo drums are fundamentally different. Although the buff effect brought by Tempo drums cannot be compared with fighting chickens, you only need to press a button to make the buff take effect in the team. If you want to stack the battle crow buff, you need to invest a lot of time in advance. So in general, this is not a bug that seriously affects the gaming experience.
Finally, this news has been confirmed by the leaders of several guilds. They have been using the same method to make the most of fighting chickens.

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