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Lost Ark currently only opens servers in South Korea, Russia and Japan. Players in Europe and the United States still need to wait for a while. Lost Ark is an MMORPG from South Korea that has been withdrawn as early as 2018. The release of the game in Europe and the United States will be represented by Amazon, which also means that Amazon will master the second MMO besides New World. There is no doubt that Lost Ark will be more popular than New World-in Korea alone, Lost Ark's 2021 summer Lost Ark Gold update has brought more than 250,000 concurrent players to the game.
Many players who have not been exposed to this game and related news may not know what kind of game Lost Ark is.

Simply put, this game is more like a combination of MMO and ARPG. Its design meets the standards of traditional MMOs in many ways, but when you play this game, it feels more like the Korean version of Diablo 2.

The functions and gameplay of this game are very rich, and any player can find what they want in it. You can even create your own island and prevent other players from attacking through a mini game called Clash of Clans in the game.

Are you still not sure about the release date of Lost Ark? In fact, you will be able to play this game from Smilegate RPG in North America, Western Europe, Latin America and Oceania in about a month. Amazon announced this in The Game Awards 2021 last year.

The game is a free MMO that has attracted a large number of players and loyal fans in South Korea, Russia and Japan in recent years. And Amazon will become the agent publisher of the game in Europe and America. Its first trailer is called The Heroes of Arkesia, which attracted the attention of many action game lovers after its debut.
Amazon's first successful game in the game field was New World, which quickly became one of the most popular online games on the Steam platform when it was first released. The main Cheap Lost Ark Gold feature of the game is that players can get a fierce battle system and need to fall down the enemy without the function of locking the target. In addition, the behavior of players in the game will affect economic fluctuations, which makes New World more realistic.

The arrival of Lost Ark will provide a stronger boost to Amazon. When the game is released in many Western countries, Amazon's popularity among the player community will undoubtedly be further improved. Are you ready for the release of Lost Ark? Before that, I suggest you add MMOWTS to your favorites in advance. With the help of MMOWTS, you can buy Lost Ark Gold at the lowest price at any time, with 100% security guarantee.

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