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Rifeng XLPE insulated power cable


Cross-linked polyethylene insulated power cable, so the name suggests, its insulating medium material uses cross-linked polyethylene. Cross-linked polyethylene material is that after the steam cross-linked polyethylene, its molecular structure is transformed into a three-dimensional network structure, which turns the thermoplastic polyethylene into a thermosetting cross-linked polyethylene, which greatly improves the heat resistance and mechanical properties of the material , And maintains excellent electrical performance. The relevant parameters of the XLPE insulated power cable are as follows:

01 Product Usage

It is suitable for power transmission and distribution in urban power grids, mines and factories with rated voltage of 6-35KV.

02 Product Standards

It is produced in accordance with the GB/T12706-2008 standard equivalent to the IEC60502-2004 standard.

03 Product Features

(1) When the cable is laid under the condition that the ambient temperature is not lower than 0℃, there is no need to pre-heat it. The cable laying drop is not restricted.

(2) The maximum rated temperature of the cable conductor is 90℃;

(3) When the core is short-circuited (the longest lasting 5S), the temperature shall not exceed 250℃.

(4) The minimum bending radius during cable laying is specified as follows:

Single core cable: 20(d+D)±5%;

Three-core cable: 15(d+D)±5%.

Where: D is the actual outer diameter of the cable, and d is the actual outer diameter of the conductor.

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