Blizzard deletes World of Warcraft green skin from freeamfva's blog

According to GameSpot reports, Blizzard is currently continuing to modify some of the content in World of Warcraft, this time it is aimed at greenskins and some conversations, including deleting more developer-related content and downplaying sexual remarks.To get more news about buy wow gold classic, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Greenskins, that is, green skin. Human NPCs in World of Warcraft are usually called orcs by this name: these orcs who have drunk the blood of Mannoroth become bloodthirsty and warlike under the influence of fel energy, and their skin has changed from the original brown to green.At present, in World of Warcraft, much content related to “green skin” has been deleted and changed, but there is still an NPC green skin captain and some items that use this phrase. This problem has been discussed in this small It is resolved in the update. GameSpot believes that the deletion of this phrase may be to avoid the racism problem against orcs in the game; but Wowhead believes that this change is more likely to avoid any possible conflicts with Games Workshop and the Warhammer series, which are also called in the latter game. The orcs and goblins are greenskins.

In addition, more content about the developer team has also been updated. For example, the Boss in Auchindoun’s Dungeon will call out some sentences in a demon language. When the warlock player translates them, they will find that these sentences are actually ” The names of the developers during the “Burning Crusade”-content like this has been deleted.

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