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A famous Copper Face Mask brand, known for being the first and the original copper infused facemask in the country that trended online because of its style, versatility, functionality and popularity during the height of the pandemic, has been trending anew these past few days.To get more news about nonmedical dustproof mask, you can visit official website.

This time, a case of misinformation which led to confusion that spread on social media, supposedly originated from a controversial advisory posted by a certain private hospital.

In that hospital’s Facebook account, it posted an advisory on which facemasks and face shields are to be worn upon entering their premises. It also indicated in the said advisory poster, pictures of face mask or respirators with exhalation valves, vents, slits or holes that are not recommended and one of the said photo on the advisory posted was a Copper Face Mask.

In the events that followed, netizens were quick to conclude that the said Copper Face Mask did not offer any sort of protection especially from spread of the dreaded COVID-19.

Amidst the inaccurate information spreading online, the Department of Health (DOH) shed light on the matter and to prevent any further confusion that the general public may have perceived about how COVID-19 is transmitted.In a recent online news report from ABS-CBN, the DOH confirms that the Copper Face Mask, although not approve as a medical grade, can help curb the spread of COVID-19.

The same report, the DOH said Copper Mask is still a facemask, and it can still prevent the spread of COVID-19 mainly by acting as a physical barrier for droplets when a person emits droplets, debunking fears online about the ineffectiveness to protect the user.

Medical grade by definition means that it is recommended and approve for use in medical settings such as hospitals, health care facilities and high-risk contaminated areas. Non-medical grade face masks on the other hand are recommended for common areas like malls, supermarkets, school and the likes.

Although Copper (like the Infused Copper Strand material used and embedded on these Copper Face Masks) that has vast scientific studies which claims it can help effectively fight off bacteria and viruses, this Copper Face Mask on the other hand, never claimed that It was designed and recommended for use in such a setting and was clearly labelled in each packaging.

The DOH also stressed that the Copper Face Mask can help effectively block off droplets coming from nasal and oral discharge from sneezing, coughing, singing or talking of an infected individual, thereby increasing the user’s protection from catching the virus from this primary (droplets) mode of transmission. With this, the government agency also reminded the public to always practice safe social distancing, frequent washing of hands and to always wear your mask when going outside.

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