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Precautions for parallel power supply of multiple cables - RIFENG CABLES

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The following precautions need to be taken into consideration when using multiple cables in parallel for power supply:

1. Problems in parallel connection of cables:

<1. When cables are connected in parallel, the parallel cables must have the same specifications and models, otherwise cables with small cross-sections or cables with large impedance will not Can pass the current corresponding to the corresponding cross-section. Cables with large cross-sections and low impedance will exceed the rated current by a lot and cause heat generation. <2. In principle, the number of parallel cables should not exceed 2 for the wiring between the power distribution cabinet and the equipment or between the switch and the switch. In special circumstances, measures must be taken to increase the contact area of ​​the joint before the number of roots can be increased. <3. The more parallel cables, the more difficult it is to lay the cables. Especially for pipe-through cables, the cross-section of the pipe-through pipe is much larger. 2. Principles to be followed in parallel connection of cables: <1. When operating space permits, the selection should be based on a single cable for power supply. <2. If there is no suitable single cable for the temporary power supply project, the original cable can be used for parallel connection. <3. When selecting cables for parallel operation, the specifications and models of the cables must be consistent. Parallel connection of cables of different specifications and models is likely to cause an accident due to excessive load current of a single cable. <4. When the number of cables in parallel is large, if the extension wiring board is used for wiring, the distance between the connectors should not be too small, otherwise it will Reduce the cross-sectional area of ​​the wiring board and affect its current carrying capacity. <5. Both ends of the parallel cable need to share the same protector. It is not recommended to use multiple low-voltage power supplies.

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