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The difference between round cable and flat cable

First. From the physical performance
1. The difference in appearance: the shape of the flat cable is flat, and the shape of the round cable is round. Therefore, it is easier to increase the tensile galvanized steel wire for the flat cable than the round cable;
2. Differences in the internal arrangement of the cable: the internal conductor cores of the flat cable are arranged according to uniform and orderly rules, mostly in a line or plum blossom arrangement; and the internal conductor cores of the round cable are multi-stranded, which also determines The production cost of round cables is lower than that of flat cables.
3. The difference in physical properties: mainly reflected in the degree of bending and the number of bending. When the number of conductor cores is exactly the same, compared to round cables, flat cables have a larger bending amplitude and bending times, and have a longer service life.
Second. From the chemical performance
1. Different heat dissipation: In the case of the same number of conductor cores, flat cables have an advantage over round cables in terms of heat dissipation.
2. The signal transmission direction is different: the circular structure has the symmetry of the circumferential distribution. Whether it is half-duplex or full-duplex transmission, it is better than the flat shape to be symmetrical in only one direction.
3. The signal shielding effect is different: the internal structure of the round cable is easier to add a shielding layer than the flat cable, and the signal shielding effect is better.

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