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Anyang Manufacturer Supply Steelmaking Deoxidizer 75 Ferro Silicon

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Introduction: The agricultural silicone osmosis agent RH-208 has super spreading, permeability, high efficiency internal suction and conductivity, and resistance to rainwater erosion. It can greatly reduce the surface tension of water, quickly moisten the surface of plant leaves and insect body, and promote the rapid expansion of effective components, infiltration, absorption, water saving and efficiency, save money and labor. Additives for spraying foliage sprays for pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, plant growth regulators, foliar fertilizers, biological pesticides and other agrochemicals. It has strong penetration and rainwater resistance, and saves 30% to 50% of pesticide consumption.

Add to the biological pesticide spray mixture liquid such as herbiside, fungicide insecticide, foliar-fertilizer, plant growth regular to increase effect, especially apply for systemic pesticide.

Application and Uses:

The agricultural silicone permeation agent RH-208 can be used in the spray mixture of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, foliar fertilizer, plant growth regulators and other biological pesticides. It is especially suitable for internal sucking agents.
Usage method:

1. Use of bucket mixed spray

Generally, 5 grams of agricultural silicone osmotic agent RH-208 (4000 times) is added to every 20 kilograms of spray liquid, and mix evenly. If we need to promote the absorption of internal absorption pesticides, further improve the efficacy of pesticides or reduce the amount of spray, we should appropriately increase the amount of RH-208. In general, the dosage of plant growth regulator is 0.025%-0.05%, the amount of herbicide is 0.025%-0.15%, the amount of insecticide is 0.025%-0.1%, the fungicide is used for 0.015%-0.05%, and the amount of fertilizer and trace elements is 0.015-0.1%.

When used, first dissolve the pesticide, add 80% water and mix it evenly, then add the agricultural silicone osmotic agent RH-208, then add the mixture of 100% water. It is suggested that when the agricultural silicone synergist RH-208 is used, the water consumption is reduced to the conventional 1/2 (recommended) or 2/3. The volume of the unit area can be reduced to the conventional dose of 70-80%, and the smaller aperture nozzle is used, and the spray speed is speeded up properly.

2. Use of pesticide raw liquid

It is recommended that the amount of 0.5-8% in the pesticide solution be added to the pesticide solution. The pH value of the pesticide formula was 6-8. Users should adjust the amount of the agricultural silicone synergist RH-208 according to the variety and formula of pesticides to achieve the most economical and effective effect. The compatibility test and staircase test should be done before the use of the organosilicon synergist.

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