The island is fairly small, around 1/2 km wide by 7 km long and has a population of about 12,000. Tho this may seem fairly small, this place is jam packed with restaurants,bars and many more things that I will go into later. The general feel to the island is very relaxed and very chill. One person mentioned that if you go to Isla Mujeres you better do whatever it is your gonna do in the first couple of days, or you will go into "Isla mode". Pretty much this place is so tranquilizing all I want to do is lay, and sip my cervaza mode.


Tourism is the main economy for the Island. Hey although this place is one of the most chill axed places in Mexico, it is also right beside one of the most bustling places. Most people that come to the Island are day-trippers that come off the boats from Cancun. They can make  Cancun Airport taxi the downtown core a bit congested at times, but luckily for you if your staying on the Island they come at 10 AM and are mostly all gone by 4PM.


For most of you, you will start your journey To I.M from Cancun international airport. Its basically the same regardless of were your starting out, you gotta take a ferry!. The goal is to get to Puerto Juarez which is 15 miles from the airport. When your just leaving the Cancun airport you will see a ticket booth on your left. This is were you will purchase your ground fare to Puerto Juarez. The cheapest bet is to take a shuddle (collectiva) through town. It cost 12 bucks a head and will take over an hour to get to Puerto Juarez. For the impatient person there are 4-person taxis that will cost you $42. Don't try to barter here since all the cabs leaving Cancun international are owned by one company. Just tell there person at the ticket booth were you want to go and how many are in your party. Don't pay any more than that unless you want to tip. There are also 9 person suburbans that are $72.


There we go -- now we are at the docks. A porter will help you with your bags and bring them to the end of the dock. Ferries usually run every 1/2 our and go from 10AM to 7PM.


There are plenty of ways to get around the Island, one being walking since mostly everything is close. Your best bet if you find yourself unable to stay sober is to rent a taxi. They area reasonable price, and will run you around $15/hour. The second bet, and my favorite because it gives you unlimited freedom are golf carts. They can hold 4 people and cost $41 for a full day and $50 for 24 hours, regardless of were you rent them. There are 16 outfits were you can rent them, but the most reliable is probably El Sol. It is located on the west end of Madero. You will need to leave your drivers license as a security deposit. If you are worried about this Iv never heard of any one ever having a problem unless they damaged something. You can rent mopeds for $23 per day and $32 for 24 hours. These can be a bit dangerous since the streets are tight and narrow. Unless you are confident on one I suggest other means of travel. Bicycles are also for rent at around $9.25 per day.


If you are arriving on the Island with luggage off the ferry there 3 wheel luggage bikes. These are neat and make you feel like your on a real Island adventure. They run for about $4 to $6 depending on were you are staying. Taxis may be a bit cheaper but the bike boys will transport your luggage to your room, were the taxi dudes will not.

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