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Customers are paying and waiting more as the furniture industry deals with supply chain issues

Furniture stores and interior designers are feeling the impact of supply chain issues that all industries are facing right now.To get more news about Home furniture manufacturer, you can visit beour.com official website.

As people move to new homes or upgrade furniture, most will have to wait a few weeks, or even months for that new couch

“For the past 10 months this industry has been our industry has been on a wild goose chase. It’s almost a roller coaster effect,” said Sharon Garfield, owner of Tradition Interiors and Accessories.

Furniture stores have been shut down because of the pandemic, seen spikes in-demand business, and now increased prices and delivery delays.“We used to tell our customers if they ordered a sofa, you should expect the sofa in six to eight weeks, unfortunately, now we have to say six to eight months, so that’s affected us,” Garfield said.

Tradition Interiors and Accessories said the upholstery industry here in North Carolina is taking a hit when it comes to supply chain issues, and that’s delaying things as well.

Key hubs like Hickory and High Point are dealing with getting the needed material to make the items, and in many cases don’t have enough employees to fulfill all the orders.

It does not just store seeing supply chain issues. Interior designers are feeling the impact too because delayed furniture means delayed payment.“We have to finish the job to be completely paid for the job, so you really want to offer things to people in a timely matter, get the projects completed so that you can move on to the next job as any business would do,” said Wil Smith, the owner and lead designer of Interior Motives.

Those delays often come with frustration from the customer, but both businesses are finding a way by with the help of their show floor.

Store owners say one good way for customers to get a good great deal and not have to wait - is to ask about showroom floor items.

“The beautiful thing about us is we have our showroom here, so we can pull items from the showroom, so we can alleviate those lead times, but if we didn’t have this, we would just be at the mercy of the supply chain,” said Smith.Garfield tells WBTV that suppliers have added on surcharges for products because of the higher cost of materials and the supply chain issues, and that is why customers are seeing a 15 percent increase in the price of furniture.

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