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THE Shielded cable

The purpose of cable shielding is to ensure the transmission performance of the system in the environment with electromagnetic interference. The anti-interference here should include two aspects, namely, the ability to resist external electromagnetic interference and the ability of the system itself to radiate electromagnetic interference. Today, let's learn about some characteristics and differences between wound shielded and braided shielded cables. Let's have a look.

The wire and cable shielded by winding has the characteristics of small outer diameter, soft wire and low price. This way is more suitable for low-frequency shielding. The cable shielded by braiding can usually improve the interference defense of wires and cables. Due to the good characteristics of high-frequency shielding, it is more suitable for high-frequency shielding. The shielding effect can be further improved by multi-layer wire and cable shielding.

The first、 Winding shield wire

1>. In terms of shielding effect, winding is not as good as weaving;

2>. Its shielding effect is directional;

3>. The shielding characteristics change when bending.

The second、 Braided shield wire

Weaving is similar to oblique wrapping. It mainly plays a shielding role in the wire material to prevent the influence of external electric field and magnetic field.

Compared with oblique package and aluminum foil, it has the following characteristics:

1>. Shielding has no directionality;

2>. Good high-frequency shielding characteristics, suitable for high-frequency shielding;

3>. Through multi-layer shielding, the shielding effect is excellent and the safety is high;

4>. There is no change in shielding characteristics during bending.

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