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New World Trading Guide

The economy is always a huge thing in a game like New World. Luckily, the Economy System in New World is pretty decent. Not only the player can set up an order at a Trading Post, but 1-on-1 trades are also an option. In this guide, we will provide a walkthrough of how to trade with other players in New World.To get more news about buy nw gold, you can visit official website.

The simplest method of trading in New World is to use a Trading Post. This is where the player can create a Sell Order or Buy Order. Placing these is seamless. The player simply sets up the quantity, required item, and pays the price upfront – remember that this price is completely refunded if the Buy Order is not fulfilled. On the other hand, the amount earned from a Sell Order goes directly into the account.

Another method is to initiate a 1-on-1 trade. To begin, approach another player and press the H key. In the new menu that appears, select the Trade option, and wait for the other player to accept the request. Once the request is accepted, both players will be able to list the items that they wish to buy or sell – it can be anything from weapons to gems, gold, etc.

Clicking and dragging an item to the Trade Window should be simple enough. Also, do note that it is possible to unstack the things that are in bulk. Once both players have added their items to the Trade Window, check them once more before confirming it.

While simple enough, the Trading System in New World works flawlessly and is a great way of helping out people who are new to the game or to just share rare resources with the member of the Company.

Lastly, do note that it is also possible to salvage items to get things like gold, repair items, etc. To learn how to do that, check our linked guide.

This is all we have got in How to Trade in New World. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed New World wiki page.

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