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Blizzard turns World of Warcraft NPCs into colored people

Activision Blizzard has recently been caught in a storm of public opinion. Now Blizzard’s games are carefully avoiding sensitive content and striving to cater to the public. However, an unofficial community committee Discord server in World of Warcraft has exploded recently. Many people are complaining that Blizzard has turned World of Warcraft NPCs into people of color. Some people said that there are too many blacks in Stormwind.To get more news about wow gold pay pal, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

In November, Blizzard created a community committee that has the right to communicate with designers and can directly feedback the opinions of players. Since then, the community has split up an unofficial Discord server called Seat of the Council, which also often conducts game improvement discussions. However, a recent discussion around “there are too many black people in Stormwind” has caused controversy. There are different opinions on whether WoW should join the BIPOC (black, aboriginal, and colored people) NPC.
Many people have noticed that Blizzard is making diversified improvements. Starting in 2020, the skin color of white characters has changed, and more people of color have been added in September of this year. This deliberate and obvious whitewashing change has triggered heated discussions among players.

Some users think that there are too many blacks in the game now, and people with different opinions start to attack, which eventually leads to the banning of the Discord channel and all records being cleared. Later, they recreated the community on another server, but the debate continued.
Most of the controversy was provoked by a user named Asjon, who was considered a phisher. His views include Blizzard deliberately blackening, or blackening the faces of some white NPCs, while the diversity and tolerance of NPCs is just a lazy act of catering. Blizzard did not explain the origin of these special NPCs in a traditional fantasy work. And why do those transgender groups exist?

Although Asjon is suspected of deliberately manipulating racial issues, his views are not entirely unreasonable, after all, Blizzard is only correct and correct. They did not write related stories and did not give explanations. However, many people said that the skin color does not need to be explained, and the blacks are tired of defending, so there is no need to provide any background or reasoning to explain why the blacks came to Stormwind. If you really want to give a reason, it’s very simple, just like population migration in reality.

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