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The Quill of Correspondence is the best toy in World of Warcraft

Now I know what you’re probably thinking right now “surely there are better toys out there?” No, no there are not, and don’t call me Shirley, hands down it is the Quill of Correspondence. We have found the pinnacle of Warcraft toy technology, and it is this magical pen set that lets you send letters to friends.To get more news about lootwow, you can visit official website.

As part of the Venthyr Ember Court parties, you’ll earn reputation with the various characters across the Shadowlands. The Quill of Correspondence will let you send a letter to one of them each day, and then they’ll write you a letter back. The Quill will randomly choose one of your best friends from the Court and zip off. You don’t get to choose what sort of letter you’re sending, and you don’t choose who it goes to, so it’s a fun surprise each day seeing who winds up writing back to you.

So far I’ve gotten letters from Kleia and Pelagos, Stonehead, Polemarch Adrestes, Choofa, The Countess, and Mikanikos. Not only have I received nice letters back from them, but I’ve gotten multiple different letters from them. There’s a deep pool of potential letters and all of them have fleshed out the character more. It’s definitely unfair that players not in the Venthyr Covenant won’t get a chance to see these, because each letter has been a delight.

Choofa is playing pranks on Moonberry with fireworks he took from the Ember Court. Stonehead tried to eat the letter and wishes it had come with snacks. Polemarch Adrestes has been exchanging military tactical tips with General Draven. All of these are letters that I’ve received, and they’ve all been super fun — I can’t wait to see what I get next! But what really solidified the Quill as the best toy was a letter that Pelagos sent me.
I know that he’s a fictional character in a video game, but after the last couple of weeks, it was just such a nice surprise to get. Somewhere a developer working at Blizzard poured their heart into making Pelagos reach out to you because he thought there was a chance you might be sad. I know that it’s really hard to be sad after reading a letter like that!

I’ve only barely scratched the surface on Ember Court attendees that can send me letters. There are 16 different people you can invite to the court, and with multiple letters per person — I’m going to need a bigger bank to hold a copy of each letter. You can see a collection of the letters I’ve received so far in the gallery up above. I really can’t wait to get one from Baroness Vashj.

I hope that whoever designed the Quill to work alongside the Ember Court and then wrote all of these letters knows just how much reading them has meant to me. It’s easily one of the high points of each day in Warcraft.

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